For this week's discussion, amuse acknowledge to the following:  1. How would your NAB business assignment in agreement of operations (production, account control, distribution, chump service, analysis and development, etc.)? Notes:  · You will accept to accommodate all the equipment, technology and cadre listed in your NAB Aggregation Portfolio from your business plan. The advice is amid beneath Note #2 in the portfolio.  · You charge use the advice from the NAB Portfolio aboriginal and again you can add to it.   · Check out Chapter 11: Operations to apprentice more.  You will use this week's advice in Assignment 3. To advice you get started see the example  Operations: Describe the circadian functions of your aggregation (include the adapted advice from the NAB portfolio-notes # 1 and 2). How will you run your business? Consider the afterward areas: Facilities Production process: how will you aftermath the product Inventory control- how abundant account you will have Distribution- how will you administer the product Customer service- how will you handle barter and returns Research and Development- how will you advance the artefact      and how will you abide to chase for new combinations/ flavors Etc. Resources: · Chapter 11- Operations-  for information, worksheets, and a sample plan

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