Operational Planning – Follow all the below, Need in APA format with at least 500 words excluding references and cover page page, no plagiarism and need plagiarism report

1) A company’s assets and capabilities are basic to accomplishing acceptable aggressive advantage. Accredit to your Thompson (2020) readings and the appropriate videos. For this assignment, accede your own aggregation or one that you apperceive well. 2) Develop your assay by responding to the afterward questions:What are the company’s best important assets and why? 3) What are the company’s best important capabilities and why? 4) How do the company’s best important assets and capabilities actualize abiding aggressive advantage? 5) Relate your acknowledgment to anniversary of the aloft to our coursework (Thompson text) from this week. Submission Details:  6) Your assay charge be apprenticed by facts, research, and data. 7) Your assay should be at atomic 500 words. 8) Incorporate a minimum of at atomic one advance (our text) and one non-course scholarly/peer advised antecedent in your paper. All accounting assignments charge accommodate a advantage page, anterior and absolute paragraphs, advertence page, double-spaced and able in-text citations application APA guidelines. Videos to Refer  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0_37_yASao&feature=emb_title  Screen shots for the agreeable from argument book to accredit charge (attached). Every resource, capability, and aggressive advantage has to be best and for the aggregation called has to explained

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