Operation Security

  Describe how you do or could use operations aegis in your accepted job.  Be abiding to call your job role (or adapted job role).  Your ambition in commutual this appointment is to authenticate how you can administer what you abstruse to absolute situations in the workplace.   If you are currently unemployed or in a job in which you are not able to administer the chic concepts, ascertain the job you are attractive to administer for and how you would use operation aegis in that job position Be abiding to use APA formatting for your paper.  You charge to bifold space your appointment with 1-inch margins. Also,  be abiding to accommodate references to the best practices you abstruse in this class.  For example,  you can advertence the textbook, acquisition added assets online and in the library.  Remember,  you appetite to accommodate abutment for your key credibility by pointing readers to the best practices in operations aegis (use in-text  citations). Length:  at atomic 500-700 words (2 to 3 pages bifold spaced). This appointment will be arrested for appropriation application SafeAssign. 

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