Operation Managements

   1) Call the attributes of operations administration in the organization. In accomplishing this, aboriginal call the operation action of the assembly system. Second, analyze operations decisions and responsibilities. Finally, address a abbreviate cardboard on some of the challenges adverse operations management.? (Marks 2) (word calculation maximum:500) 2) Evaluate Nissan Motor Company in agreement of its accent on the operations action objectives? What are the adjustment winners and the adjustment qualifiers? (Marks 1) (word calculation maximum:300) 3) What is the able role of the operations action in artefact design? (Marks .05) (word calculation maximum:100) 4) How to administer assembly and operation issues in the ambience of appeal ambiguity and fluctuation? (Marks 1) (word calculation maximum:300) 5) Suppose that Nissan Motor Company has because affective from a accumulation action to an assembly-line action to bigger accommodated evolving bazaar needs. What apropos ability the afterward functions accept about this proposed action change: marketing, finance, animal resources, accounting, and advice systems? (Marks 0.5) (word calculation maximum:150).

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