Letter to a Affiliate of Congress Accept a accessible activity affair from the absorbed certificate titled, “Public Activity Issues” (or accept your own), analysis that affair with account to an adapted affiliate of Congress to address a letter (several associates of Congress would be adapted to contact). Your primary ambition is to use that affair as a agent to authenticate ability of how Congress is structured by autograph a letter to a affiliate of Congress. Your letter should reflect: 1) Ability of basal facts about the affiliate of Congress, including, but not bound to: a. The accompaniment and/or aldermanic commune the affiliate is from b. The political affair the affiliate belongs to c. How continued the affiliate has captivated their accepted bench 2) Thoughtful application as to why you are autograph to this accurate affiliate (it should be bright to the affiliate of Congress that you accept done your homework! Accomplish it bright you are autograph to them accurately and not aloof any affiliate of Congress). a. Think about what commune and/or accompaniment that affiliate represents (and, subsequently, whether or not you are a constituent) b. The committee(s) and subcommittees that affiliate sits on, and whether or not they ascendancy any administration positions on those committees c. Any accessible statements the affiliate of Congress has fabricated and/or legislation they accept sponsored and/or voted for that is accordant to the activity or affair you affliction about. 3) A specific assignment you are allurement of the affiliate of Congress a. Vote a assertive way on a bill or nomination? b. Sponsor and/or beforehand a accurate bill through committee? c. Bring acquaintance to a affair that may be under-noticed? d. Accomplish an official appointment to a accurate place? An archetype letter is included in the Scenario Files. Use c-span.org/congress and the absorbed “Committee Consideration” (found in the Scenario Files) as your primary starting points. Your letter should be no best than 2 pages (excluding headers and references which should be on Folio 3), double-spaced, 12-point font. The abilities that you will authenticate by commutual this activity accord to three capital areas that will be acute in your able development: • Accounting Communication • Real World Readiness and Adaptability • Analysis and Analysis *A Sample Thesis and Citation archetype is accessible in the Scenario Files.                                                                                                        Public Activity Issues • Gun Control • Immigration Reform • Health Affliction • Tax Reform • Judicial Nominations • Environmental Protection/Regulation • Apprentice Loan Debt • Privacy • Capital Punishment • Free Trade • Crime • Apprenticeship Reform • Association Policing • Infrastructure • Gerrymandering/Redistricting • Attack Finance Reform • National Security (Domestic/Homeland Security) • Foreign Affairs (such as U.S. relations with…) o Israel/Palestine o Iran o China o Russia o North Korea o Afghanistan o European Union .                                             Sample Thesis Statement: Your position as administrator of the House Subcommittee on Forests, Ancestors Farms, and Activity accomplish you abnormally positioned to beforehand the affairs of bringing acceptable and affordable activity sources to the bags of baby ancestors farms beyond America. Specifically, there are three bills currently beneath application by the Agriculture board that I ask you to acerb accede blame forward. Sample Chicago Style Citation: H.J.R. 99, 115th Cong. (2017). (View the folio cited) C-SPAN. “Members of the 115th Congress.” C-SPAN.org. https://www.cspan.org/congress/members/ (accessed Month Day, Year).                                                                                                                        Committee Application                                                                                                                   Each board receives abounding bill referrals over the beforehand of a Congress – far added than the console is able of advancing in any detail. The committee’s armchair has the arch agenda-setting ascendancy for the committee; in essence, the armchair identifies the bills or issues on which the board will try to formally act through hearings and/or a markup. The aboriginal academic board activity on a bill or affair ability be a hearing, which provides a appointment at which board associates and the accessible can apprehend about the strengths and weaknesses of a angle from called parties – like key controlling annex agencies, accordant industries, and groups apery absorbed citizens. Hearings are additionally a way to spotlight legislation to colleagues, the public, and the press. At the hearing, arrive assemblage accommodate abbreviate articulate animadversion to the accumulated committee, but anniversary attestant additionally submits a best accounting adaptation of his or her acknowledgment on the bill. After witnesses’ articulate statements, associates of the board booty turns allurement questions of the witnesses. While these hearings accommodate the academic accessible ambience at which acknowledgment is solicited on the activity proposal, board associates and agents appoint in added appraisal of the access through breezy briefings and another mechanisms. Additionally agenda that a audition is not appropriate from a procedural standpoint for a bill to accept added activity from the committee. A board markup is the key academic footfall a board ultimately takes for the bill to beforehand to the floor. Normally, the board armchair chooses the angle that will be placed afore the board for markup: a referred bill or a new abstract text. At this meeting, which is about accessible to the public, associates of the board accede accessible changes to the angle by alms and voting on amendments to it, including possibly a complete acting for its text. A markup concludes aback the board agrees, by majority vote, to address the bill to the chamber. Committees rarely ascendancy a markup unless the angle in catechism is accepted to accept majority abutment on that vote. The board may vote to address a referred bill, with recommended changes that reflect any amendments adopted during the markup. As an another to a referred bill, it may instead address out an aboriginal or apple-pie bill that was basically accounting in the markup action itself from a abstract proposal. Most House and Senate committees additionally authorize subcommittees – subpanels of the abounding board breadth associates can added focus on specific elements of the activity area. The admeasurement to which subcommittees comedy a academic role in policymaking – for example, by captivation hearings or marking-up legislation above-mentioned to abounding board application – varies by alcove and by board attitude and practice. Whatever role a abounding board allows its subcommittees to play, subcommittees cannot address legislation to the chamber; alone abounding committees may do so. the assignment should attending like this beneath                                                                                                                                   Congressman John Doe                                                                                                                  Address                                                                                                                                            Washington, DC (or district/state office)                                                                                    Date                                                                                                                                                                  Dear Congressman Doe,                                                                                                                             My name is Jane Smith. I accept been citizen of your aldermanic commune aback afore you were adopted to Congress and accept appropriately voted for you in anniversary of your 6 elections. As you are acceptable aware, we face a public-school crisis actuality in [name of hometown]. Given your role as a adumbrative of [town name], and your cachet as Vice-chair of the House Board on Apprenticeship and the Workforce and Armchair or the Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education, I appetite you to vote adjoin and/or finer annihilate the bill currently beneath application that would abate federal funds to accessible schools in this district.  As you know, HB 101 states “…….”. The accepted use of federal funds in our accessible schools allows for, amid another things, the application of 47 full-time educators accurately accomplished to advice our apprentice with appropriate needs, baby-sit afore and afterschool programs that account 789 students, and a drop-out blockage affairs that, aback its implementation, has bargain our dropout amount by 37 percent and added the aerial academy graduation amount by 22 percent. Not alone do these programs accept actual benign impacts for the acceptance involved, it additionally serves our association at ample by accretion bread-and-butter productivity.  In October of aftermost year (just above-mentioned to your re-election), at a attack assemblage in [town name], you declared “investing in our accouchement has to be a antecedence not alone for parents and teachers, but our society-at-large, acceptable pubic schools are important for not aloof students, but our citizenry and beyond community.”  As my representative, I apprehend you to accomplish acceptable on that attack rhetoric. I accept every aplomb that you will, aloof as you can be assured that your capacity are advantageous absorption to how Congress moves advanced with apprenticeship activity and we are absolutely able to aback candidates who will not alone accumulate their promises, but do what’s best for children.                                                                                                                      Respectfully, Name. 

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