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  You are the Marketing administrator for a new Health affliction centermost in Miami. It can be a accepted Health Affliction centermost alms abounding assorted casework or a specialized one e.g. a Dental Affliction center. Create a website ( offers chargeless website building) which will accommodate all the advice of your new business. Also adapt a Word certificate with your Marketing plan – 8 pages Min excluding the references page/s. Your cardboard charge accommodate – An abstruse page Analysis of your service/services. What is the company’s Mission and Vision? List how abounding competitors are able and with which competitors will your aggregation attempt against, and how?           How will the aggregation differentiate its product?          Develop this Marketing Plan, by application Marketing Principles abstruse in class,    … Be creative…  Paragraph indentations are required. Citations in the accounting argument of the assignment and references at the end of the paper. References charge accommodate a blind angle which is the aboriginal band is set even larboard and the additional and consecutive curve are biconcave 5 spaces. Type chantry charge be either Arial or Times New Roman 12 Pt. All pages charge be numbered to top even right

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