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  Like sets and lights, apparel architecture not alone helps to acquaint the story, but additionally gives us acumen into the alone characters (without them anytime accepting to speak).  A character's apparel may announce gender, position, status, occupation, occasion, and/or a faculty of personality (modesty, flamboyance, independence, etc.) - the "essence" of that character. For Account 4... find an angel or articulation of a play, agreeable or affected event select one character and altercate what the apparel architecture tells the eyewitness about that character Remember, apparel absorb added than absolute accoutrements (or abridgement there of).  Apparel additionally absorb hats, masks, makeup, wigs, and accessories.  Review the Powerpoint addendum on Apparel Architecture to accept the objectives and goals for apparel designers.  To get a bigger faculty of how apparel "create" a character, watch the blow from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Create your response, in the Appointment acquiescence box beneath (not in the Comments field), as a account or account entry.  This acknowledgment will not be apprehend by your adolescent classmates.  The account should be 1-2 pages long, about 400-500 words minimum.  Be accurate of spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation...proofread and adapt your appointment as necessary.  Please adduce your sources, including videos or links used.  This appointment will be graded according to the Account Rubric attached.

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