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 500 chat minimum.    A well-articulaterd advantage aesthetics aligns pay and alternative rewards with business strategy.  As such, the aesthetics account will reflect different strategy, ability and values.  Investigate the advantage aesthetics statements of an alignment and appraise the aesthetics account based on the afterward characteristics: 1.  What is the single, basal aesthetics that is articulate aural the document?  Summarize in one sentence. 2.  What is the philosophy’s abeyant for variability?  In alternative words, can the aesthetics be activated to both absolved and non-exempt employees? Explain fully. 3.  Does the aesthetics account accede agnate markets or business industries?  How do you know?  How is this reflected aural the aesthetics statement? 4.  What bazaar action is reflected aural the statement? (Refer to Chapter Two of Text- Attached archetype of action for reference).  5.  What references/links are fabricated to agent performance? 6.  What advice is provided about communication/openness?  If none is provided, why do you anticipate this advice was not included? 7.  What are the goals of the advantage plan? 8.  How is advantage defined? 9.  What is the targeted aggressive position in the market? 10.  What role does achievement play? 11.  What will be the mix of compensation? 12.  In your opinion, what does the advantage aesthetics acquaint to advisers or abeyant employees? 13.  Conclude your appraisal by appraisement the advantage aesthetics on the base of it actuality realistic, equitable, and transparent. 14.  The aftermost folio of the appointment should be advertence folio in APA architecture including in-text citations. Please accept a advantage aesthetics to appraise from the account below: Phillips 66 Walgreens Boots Alliance AFLAC

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