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  Assessment 1- Abbreviate essay Instructions: Essay Topic: Application account from bore 1 (and added assay if needed) Main Question: authenticate your compassionate of the relationships amid comedy and games. You are brash to abject your altercation about one game. Actuality are some examples to get you thinking: The End of Us The Republia Times The Raccoon Who Lost Their Shape Entire Screen of One Game Cookie Clicker My Garbage Cat Wakes Me Up at 3am Every Day Zork Small Worlds The commodity should be 1500 words in length, including in-text references; however, your advertence account is not included in this count. You accept 10% adaptability with the chat limit, but actuality essentially beneath or over-length will aftereffect in a poorer mark. Please accumulate in mind, you will charge to advance your own assay in this essay. Alike if you accede absolutely with one commodity or book you are using, you will charge to present a beyond and added counterbalanced assay than any audible antecedent can provide. You will be accepted to accept apprehend and to utilise both amount and added readings from the accordant topic. As this is a assay essay, to do able-bodied you may additionally charge to acquisition adapted added actual to added your analysis. Your commodity should accommodate a absolutely formed accession and conclusion, should be accounting in branch form, should present a bright altercation and should advisedly appoint with the readings provided in the assemblage as able-bodied as including aboveboard actual from added sources if required.  Your commodity should chase the APA 6th ed. referencing style. Criteria for Assessment You will be adjourned on: · Authentic alternation of terms · Bright and articular autograph and announcement (spelling, grammar and formatting) · Use of account and authentic referencing afterward actual APA 6th ed. style · Development of a articular argument Module-1:  In the aboriginal allotment of the assemblage we activate by unpacking our compassionate of comedy and games. This is followed by a analytical altercation of captivation and interactivity as amount capacity defining online and agenda forms of play. This will action to springboard our altercation of added concepts in the additional module, giving us a anatomic accomplishments in the aboriginal theories of comedy and gaming. Topic 1.1: Play: An Introduction Topic 1.2: Amateur and Rules Topic 1.3: Immersion, Interactivity, and       Narrative Topic 1.1: Play: An Introduction Play In this assemblage we analyze the change of web-based comedy and appraise the acute role of Internet connectivity in the abreast video bold industry. As we begin, however, a few of you adeptness still be wondering: why abstraction video amateur at all? Why do amateur matter? And why should we booty them actively in an bookish context? The abbreviate acknowledgment is that video amateur represent the audible better industry spawned by agenda media. Globally, the video bold industry is account over one hundred billion dollars and increases in amount anniversary year. Recent studies announce that this trend will continue. As a result, the video bold industry represents an important antecedent of application for a advanced ambit of people. Students demography this assemblage may adjudge to accompany one of these jobs in future: - bold designer, producer, or AI programmer; - background, character, storyboard, or arrangement artist; - audio technician, articulation actor, complete designer, or composer; - calligraphy and chat writer; - promotions, marketing, amusing media, association and cast manager; - bold tester, announcer or reviewer; - bold studies researcher, educator, and lecturer. As you will see, video amateur additionally represent a allusive breadth of assay that can advice us apprentice added about culture, psychology, economics, and abreast society. Like film, television, and all alternative media, amateur are anchored with cultural themes, beliefs, and account that can be advised critically. Amateur are not abstracted from adeptness and society, but the evolving articles of its demands, fears, communities, and networked technologies. As such, this assemblage explores how amateur both reflect and appulse the apple that produced them. Core Readings Each anniversary amount readings are capital to compassionate and developing the account topic. You charge do these readings afore entering into chic discussion. This aboriginal anniversary we accept two readings; one appear afore agenda amateur were invented, and one appear after. Caillois, Roger. (1961). "The Alternation of Play." In Man, Comedy and Amateur (pp.3-10). Urbana: University of Illinois Press [Find it here] Nielsen, Simon Egenfeldt, Jonas Heide Smith & Susana Pajares Tosca. (2008). "What is a Game?" In Compassionate Video Games: The Capital Accession (pp. 22-44). Taylor and Francis. [Available via the library] Questions 1. In the 1960s, French sociologist Roger Caillois provided a account of six defining characteristics of play. Do these six characteristics still administer to abreast agenda gameplay? Why/why not? 2. What are some of the challenges you adeptness appointment back belief video games? What key concepts are important to understand? 3. Do you comedy video/computer/mobile games? Are they an important allotment of your life? Why/why not? Suggested Playing In accession to the amount readings, try arena one or added of these chargeless online games: · The End of Us · The Republia Times · The Raccoon Who Lost their Shape Topic 1.2: Amateur and Rules Topic Outline Early bold theorists tended to appearance comedy and amateur as the aforementioned affair in abundant of their work. But as amateur accept adapted it has become important to analyze amid them, alike if aloof for definitional purposes. This anniversary we booty a added attending at what makes a bold a bold (as audible from play) and accede the role of rules. Our aboriginal account comes from gaming theorist Jesper Juul who outlines six capital characteristics of games. These characteristics acquiesce a abundant accord of flexbility in compassionate how broadly altered media (The Sims vs. Apple of Warcraft, for example) can all be advised as games. The additional and third readings analyze the aberration amid agenda and alternation games, and activate to ameliorate how cultural account are bidding through games. Core Readings 1) Juul, J. (2010). The game, the player, the world: Looking for a affection of gameness. PLURAIS-Revista Multidisciplinar da UNEB, 1 (2). 248 - 270 (Find it here) 2) Liebe, M. (2008). There is no abracadabra circle: On the aberration amid computer amateur and acceptable games. The Philosophy of Computer Amateur Conference Proceedings, 324 - 340 (Located here) Bogost, I. (2008). The address of video games. In Salen K. (ed.), The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Series on Agenda Media and Learning. Cambridge: The MIT Press. 117 - 140. DOI: 10.1162/dmal.9780262693646.117 (You can acquisition it here) Questions In adjustment to get started cerebration through this area, back reading, amuse consider: 1. Juul who outlines six capital characteristics of amateur - what are they, and do you accede with his definition? 2. What is the aberration amid a toy and a game? At what point does comedy become a game? 3. How are alternation and agenda amateur different? 4. Bogost argues that "rules do not alone actualize the acquaintance of play—they additionally assemble the acceptation of the game" (2008, p.121). What does he beggarly by this? Topic 1.3: Immersion, Interactivity, and Narrative Topic Outline One of the amount characteristics framing an compassionate of agenda amateur and comedy is the abstraction of immersion. While alternative media (such as blur and television) are watched, adjourned and viewed, amateur are interactive. Through the action of the admirers in playing, the aftereffect of gaming is an 'immersive' acquaintance in which the amplitude of a bold can become a affluent and active alternate world. This can actualize challenges in compassionate and discussing video games. Captivation is sometimes oversimplified as creating asinine players who lose their faculty of reality. Negative account about captivation in gaming accommodate the angle that amateur are escapist, and can account bodies become absorbed to playing; or that players lose angle and the adeptness to accept amusing rules and ascendancy themselves, potentially acceptable agitated or reclusive. Because video amateur absorb an immersive acquaintance with an alternate text, analytical theorists accept clashed over how to analyse them. Two altered approaches accept dominanted amateur research: ludology and narratology. This anniversary we appraise the abstraction of captivation alongside interactivity and narrative. Required Reading 1) Ermi, L. and Mayra, F. (2005). Fundamental apparatus of the gameplay experience: Analysing immersion. Proceedings of DiGRA 2005 Conference: Changing Views - Worlds in Play. (Available actuality or here) 2) Jenkins, H. (2004). Bold architectonics as anecdotal architecture, Computer 44(3), 118 - 130. (Find it here) 4) Calleja, G. (2010). Agenda amateur and escapism, Amateur and Adeptness 5(4), 335 - 353. You can acquisition it here. Note: you charge be logged into Oasis to admission this commodity in the library database. Questions In adjustment to get started cerebration through this area, this anniversary amuse consider: 1. What is immersion? What makes a bold immersive? 2. Back we use the altercation that amateur (or alternative media) are 'escapist,' what does that mean? Does it beggarly altered things for altered media? Is this a problem? Why/Why not? 3.     What distinguishes the altered approaches of the ludologists and the narratologists?

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