Online Florence Tour

  Take a guided bout through some of the highlights of Florence with Rick Steves.  (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site. Minimize Video While you're watching the video, acquire 2 works of art that you see & address a allusive analysis.  Please agenda that the artworks you acquire charge fit into the timeline of our course.  Look at how the artwork is displayed.  Is it in its aboriginal location?  Has it been confused to a museum?  Be abiding to accede the ambiance in which the assignment of art at the building is displayed (lighting of the space, location, adjacency to alternative assignment of art, etc.) & accommodate this in your paper. For architecture, accede how the anatomy looks.  Does it still serve its aboriginal purpose?  Minimum length: 2 folio article - bifold spaced.  Archetype & adhesive your article distinct spaced back you column your answer.  This will accomplish it easier for me to apprehend - beneath scrolling.  Accommodate a apriorism statement, affair & capricious sentences.  Citing: Properly adduce argument that you adduce or digest in the anatomy of your cardboard - this includes advice presented on the bank characterization adjoining to the assignment of art. How to Avoid Plagiarism... Remember, your column is in your own words. DO NOT archetype the information, chat for word, from the arbiter or the Instructor PDF files.  If you do this, you will acquire a ZERO for this Assignment. In addition, if you attending up advice on a website, you charge additionally carbon it in your own words. I will alone acquire websites that are bookish accounting - this does not accommodate Wikipedia, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, blogs or children’s books. Do not Google your answer. For added information, see the Syllabus. 

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