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Engage in the altercation question(s) provided by your instructor. This action counts as your Online Altercation grade. Online Altercation assignments for this advance will abide of  multiple questions/topics presented via a appointment created for anniversary module.  You charge actualize a column of at atomic 200-words in acknowledgment to ONE of the  week's Altercation questions/topics. APA with references   Be abiding to analyze the appellation of the catechism back posting. Reducing the Appulse Threat:   Based on your own assessment of how the appulse blackmail compares to alternative  threats, how abundant money and assets do you anticipate should be acclimated to  alleviate it? What types of programs would you support? (Examples  include programs to chase for altar that could bang Earth, to  develop arresting approach adjoin impacts, or to body concrete  defenses.) Defend your opinion.     How should Kids Count Planets?:  The new definitions that accept clearly demoted Pluto from a planet  to a dwarf planet accept abounding educational implications. For example, abounding  children apprentice songs in academy that accredit to "nine planets" and Pluto.  How would you acclaim that academy agents accord with the new  definitions? Be abiding to accede the actuality that while these definitions  have "official' cachet today (from the International Astronomical  Union), it is accessible that they may change afresh in the future.     Pick a Moon:  Suppose you could accept any one moon to appointment in the solar system.  Which one would you pick, and why? What dangers would you face in your  visit to this moon? What kinds of accurate instruments would you appetite  to accompany forth for studies?     Jovian Planet Mission:  We can abstraction earthbound planets up abutting by landing on them, but  Jovian planets accept no surfaces to acreage on. Suppose that you are in  charge of planning a abiding mission to "float" in the atmosphere of a  Jovian planet. Describe the technology you would use and how you would  ensure adaptation for any bodies assigned to this mission.  

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