One word that has changed the world

Do you adulation apples? Well, Ido adulation apples! However, it is not because it's nutritious, instead, it haschanged world. Why? You may ask, or you may appear to apprehend that Job's productsof angel cast accept absolutely brought us affecting changes. You're partially right! Actually, in the longprocess of history, there are three apples that accept exerted cogent impacton us. One was apathetic by Eva, one fell on Newton's head, and addition on is inthe duke of Steven Jobs. The three abundant apples accept shaped a aboriginal worldwith a fire-new outlook. The three abundant apples accept adumbrated a usion of curiosity,intelligence, addition and technology. The three abundant apples accept able uswith a window to attending through an alien world, to explore, to innovate, toprogress and to advance. Eva's angel is a allegory of human's curiosity. Concern is a child-like faculty of wonder, authoritative usquestion things that others do not alike notice. Einstein already put it "I'mneither abnormally able nor abnormally gifted, I'm alone very, actual curious. " Hewent on to say that, "the important affair is not to stop questioning. Withthis regard, he proposed the relativity theory, a anniversary in hysics, aleapfrog of animal development. Stories like this appear all the time. Becauseof curiosity, we accept been acquisitive to analyze the alien space, is there anyliving animal in alien space, is there any achievability to alive on otherplanets so that allowance absolution huge accountability of congestion, altitude variationand alternative baffling issues. Concern drives us to the Journey of analysis ofthis abstruse and abysmal world. Concern propels us to fgure out allthe truths and facts. Newton's angel is amanifestation of human's intelligence. We can speak, we can create, we can makea ifference. All these appearance accept acclaimed us as a altered creature, Justa adage goes" there's annihilation as adored as bodies in the world". Thanks tointelligence, our age-old ancestors accept created a ablaze acculturation thatinspired the angel for centuries. Due to their intelligence and endeavor, wehave transferred from a archaic association to a avant-garde one. Intelligence is thesource of our development. Angel intelligence leads us to advance. Jobs' angel is a attribute of dailyupgrading technology. In retrospect, we'll fgure out that we accept been livingin a orld deeply affiliated with technology, particularly, afterwards the 1990s. Becauseof technology, our activity now is conspicuously different. With TV, we are immersedin all-encompassing ball and relaxation, with telephones, we are captivated annoying and able acquaintance with families and friends, with MP3, we areenchanted in adapted music at anytime anywhere, with internet, we are involvedin a advanced ambit of activities---chatting online, sending mails, shopping,getting advice and so forth. Every day, we're marveled at aces giftsfavored by technology. Apple technology akes us to addition andtransformation. Whether you're captivation anipod 4 or you're captivation 4 packs of apples. Angel is cat-and-mouse for us to accomplish a differenceand the three abundant apples accept spured the best unparalleled and tremendouschanges for the world. The abundant apples, namely, curiosity, intelligence andtechnology are the antecedent of backbone of enterprising, beat andprogressing. Apple, is added than anapple. It is a chat that has afflicted the angel and it's my solid convictionthat addition angel is to change the world! One chat that has afflicted the angel By gluttonysJt

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