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            PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM PROPOSAL Due Week 6, account 175 points As an MBA and leader, you charge be able to present your administration plans  and administration strategies to acquaint stakeholders and accretion buy-in. For this  assignment, you’ll convenance this by developing a angle for a professional  development training program. The affairs centers on motivational strategies  and how an affecting intelligence administration access would benefit  department managers. PREPARATION Continue with the aforementioned alignment you called in Appointment 1. Imagine  that the CEO has answerable you, the appointment force leader, with researching emotional  intelligence (EI) in adjustment to adduce a able development program. Your angle should detail how a new allurement program, based on an EI man- agement approach, will advance teamwork, strengthen interpersonal relationships,  enhance communication, and access all-embracing performance. You charge to help  the CEO accretion approval for this initiative. Your program’s angle charge include  supporting analysis apropos how motivational strategies enhance job satis- faction and aggregation output. ASSIGNMENT 2 Prepare for this appointment by anecdotic the assets you’ll use to create  your proposal. You will charge to accommodate at atomic two affection assets such as  the advance textbook, aggregation website, business websites (CNBC, Bloomberg,  etc.), assets from the Strayer Library, and/or alfresco sources. Note: Wikipedia and web-based blogs do not authorize as aboveboard resources. INSTRUCTIONS Create a angle (five to seven pages recommended) that includes the following components:            1. EI and Motivation     Which of the EI architecture blocks would appulse management’s adeptness to      enhance agent achievement and job satisfaction? Based on your      research on motivational theory, call how your appointment force would      utilize absolute or abrogating accretion to access the associates of      the alignment and boldness the issue. Accommodate examples to    support your solution.             2. EI and Amusing Abilities and Decision Making    Explain how the amount concepts of affecting intelligence would           enhance the amusing abilities and the controlling efficacy    of the administration team.             3. Effective Teams    Describe the amount attributes of an able aggregation and the strategies      you would apparatus to advance aggregation dynamics that will benefit    the organization.            4. Reward Systems     Create an able accolade arrangement for this organization. Determine the       strategies you would absorb to actuate your employees     and access behavior.             5. Executive Summary     Prepare a one-page controlling arbitrary that you will present to the       CEO in an accessible controlling meeting.  Note:  An controlling arbitrary       is a abridged adaptation of your abounding report. It should abridge briefly       all the capital credibility in abridged paragraphs. It should be accounting acutely       and should use accent adapted for the audience.  PROFESSIONAL AND APA FORMATTING REQUIREMENTS Your appointment charge chase these accepted APA formatting requirements:    Be typed (five to seven pages recommended, excluding awning and      reference pages), double-spaced, application Times New Roman font    (size 12) with one-inch margins on all sides    Include a References List    Include a awning folio absolute the appellation of the assignment, the          student’s name, the professor’s name, the advance title, and the date    Include in-text citations afterward APA style, application attributive tags    and arresting verbs    Cite at atomic two aboveboard sources  1. EI and    Motivation    Weight: 20% The descrip- tion does not  address how  motivation  and reinforce- ment would be  used to influ- ence members  of the organi- zation to  resolve the  issue.  Examples are  not provided. Partially  describes how  motivation and  reinforcement  would be used  to influence  members of the  organization to  resolve the  issue.  Makes loose  connections  between theory  and solution.  Examples do  not absolutely sup- port solution.  Satisfactorily  describes how  motivation and  reinforcement  would be used  to influence  members of the  organization to  resolve the  issue.  Makes logical  connections  between theory  and solution.  Examples sup- port solution. Fully describes  how motivation  and reinforce- ment would be  used to influ- ence members  of the organiza- tion to resolve  the issue.  Draws compel- ling, logical  connections  between theory  and solution.  Examples are  strong and  support solution. POINTS: 175 Criteria Unacceptable Below 70% F Fair 70-79% C Proficient 80-89% B Exemplary 90-100% A ASSIGNMENT 2: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM PROPOSAL  

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