Older Adult Module 4

  Transferable Skill: Advice Literacy: Discovering advice reflectively, compassionate how advice is produced and valued, and application advice to actualize new ability and participate ethically in communities of learning. Your nursing administrator brand the affair you chose for the in-service presentation and wants you to alpha researching! To accomplish abiding you get the activity on the appropriate track, your administrator has asked you to do the following: Application the Rasmussen Library, analyze at atomic 2 assets pertaining to your topic. Prepare an annotated bibliography for the assets you identified. Each access will include: the abounding APA formatted reference an comment consisting of the afterward elements: 2 to 4 sentences to abridge the capital idea(s) of the source 1 or 2 sentences to appraise and appraise the source 1 or 2 sentences to reflect on the source

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