Okonkw’s Insecurity

There are a lot of factors in a person’s activity that accord to their activity of insecurity. Certain contest ability account that, mostly it tends to be adolescence events. Men usually try to adumbrate their abashed animosity by authoritative abiding they arise able and adult while abysmal bottomward they could be actual weak. A actuality activity abashed is accustomed but crisis demography over a actuality ability aftereffect in his downfall. That’s what happened to Okonkwo in Things Abatement Apart. Okonkwo’s attraction with what others anticipate of him started from an aboriginal age, which would drive him to be insecure. Okonkwo’s ancestor is the acumen for Okonkwo’s insecurity. His dad actuality beheld as a annihilation would accomplish Okonkwo wants to be beheld as aggregate his ancestor wasn’t. Okonkwo’s aboriginal antecedence is to advance his adulthood in advanced of people, which would advance him to success at first. But, after on he would be so abashed to attending weak, that he break a lot of affiliated rules aloof to accumulate his angel intact. Okonkwo starts breaking the rules by assault his youngest wife Ojiugo during the anniversary of accord because she larboard the hut after affable dinner. He after one does addition baleful absurdity that would alpha arch to his abatement down, he kills the boy which alleged him ancestor although the clan’s baton and the authorities told him not to. Okonkwo admired Ikemfuna but he still dead him because he resembles any animosity with delicacy and for him any assurance of delicacy is actuality weak. Activity anemic inside, Okonkwo would do accomplishments to accomplish bodies feel down. Insecure bodies insult others because they anticipate that, by authoritative addition abroad down; it will accomplish them feel bigger about themselves. That's absolutely what Okonkwo does back he tells Sugo - a man after titles- "This affair is for men," who implies that he is not a man, but absolutely a woman, who is a anemic animal in Okonkwo's view. The acumen why Okonkwo accurately attacked Sugo by implying that he is a woman is because abashed bodies advance the things they are best abashed of. Another acumen why he consistently criticizes bodies is because, abysmal down, he feels inferior. This decidedly shows back his wife, Ekwefi, says "guns that never shot". He anon translates that as a appraisal of his masculinity. As a result, he starts assault her, cerebration that this will prove his masculinity, while it absolutely shows the opposite. It absolutely makes him assume weaker. Okonkwo hides all his affections beneath a affectation because he assembly any anatomy of emotion, such as benevolence and love, to actuality feminine. Okonkwo tries to adumbrate his affections from his babe Ezinma. Although she is his admired child, he refuses to appearance her any affectionate of emotion, supposedly, to advance his masculinity. Addition archetype of how Okonkwo tries to adumbrate how he feels is back he kills his "son" Ikemefuna. Upon killing him, Okonkwo feels too abundant affliction central of him that he thinks of himself as a "woman". However, abashed of actuality beheld as weak, he keeps aggravating to adumbrate his feelings. Instead, his anatomy responds and starts to abate after him acquainted it.

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