Ohms Law and Resistance

Aim To actuate the accord amid the breadth of eureka wire, and resistivity of the wire. Hypothesis: As the breadth of the wire increases, the attrition of the wire will increase. Background: Some abstracts accept constant attrition at the aforementioned temperature behindhand of how abundant voltage is activated through them, these abstracts are accepted as ‘Ohmic’ resistors. This is because they are said to obey Ohm’s law, which states that if a voltmetre is acclimated to admeasurement the voltage (V) of an alien attrition (R), and an ammetre is acclimated to admeasurement the accepted (i) through the aforementioned alien resistance, again ‘R’ would be accustomed by R = V/i . The eureka wire acclimated in this agreement is an ohmic resistor, so apparently it can be acclimated to admeasurement the accord amid its breadth and attrition afterwards alternative variables affecting it. Equipment Metre breadth of eureka wire Power accumulation unit Voltmetre Ammetre Rheostat Connecting wires Procedure Measure and cut 1 accent of wire Set up the electrical ambit as in the diagram Set the rheostat at its extreme point on one end. Connect the wire into the ambit at 10cm breadth Turn the ability accumulation on, and almanac the voltage and amp readings. Turn the ability accumulation off anon afterwards to anticipate temperature body up in the circuit. Repeat footfall 5 twice, adjusting the rheostat to the average position, and again the alternative end position. Repeat accomplish 3-6 accretion the breadth of the wire 10cm at a time, up to 1 accent absolute length  Divide the voltage by the amp readings to account the resistance Plot the wire breadth adjoin the attrition Discussion The after-effects abutment the hypothesis, assuming that as the breadth of the wire was increased, the attrition additionally increased. The voltage and accepted readings were taken over 3 trials at altered settings on the rheostat. The advised after-effects do not all sit in a beeline arrangement as they should in theory, assuming that the attention of the after-effects is poor. For example, there is a analogously ample aberration which can be apparent in the after-effects at 80 and 90cm wire lengths, area the attrition charcoal the aforementioned at 2. ohms rather than increasing. Smaller deviations in the abstracts can be apparent at the 50, 60 and 70cm wire lengths, area the credibility are aloft and beneath the trendline. These inconsistencies advance the attendance of accidental errors, which may appear from poor resolution of the voltmetre and ammetre, and accession of calefaction in the rheostat and the wire causing balance resistance. Accuracy of the after-effects may accept been afflicted by analytical error, which may accept been acquired by incorrect arrangement of the voltmetre and ammetre. Inconsistencies in the eureka wire’s anatomy such as curvature or aeroembolism in the wire may affect the absolute breadth of the wire compared to the abstinent length, and inconsistencies in the admixture architecture of the wire may accept additionally afflicted the results, causing them to be all college or lower than the authentic value. In the ambit setup, the ammetre is barometer accepted through both the wire and voltmetre. This could account the abstinent accepted to be college than the authentic value, and accordingly the affected attrition to be too low. To abate the aftereffect of accidental errors, agenda multimetre’s could be acclimated to accommodate added authentic readings. Allowing time for the rheostat and wire to air-conditioned bottomward afterwards anniversary trial, or application new sections of wire stored at allowance temperature in anniversary balloon would minimise the aftereffect of calefaction on the wire’s resistance. To analyze the attendance of analytical error, the agreement should be again with a distinct multimetre rather than two abstracted volt and ammetres. The agreement should again be added again with new sections of wire to analyze absurdity acquired by any inconsistencies in the wire.

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