Of Mice and Men Paper

In John Steinbeck’s novel, “Of Mice and Men”, this cryptic catechism arises on George’s decision. Did George accomplish the appropriate best to annihilate Lenny at the end of the story? There are abounding affidavit why George absitively to annihilate Lennie in the end; however, if George does not booty the albatross to annihilate Lennie, he would die anyway. Since Lennie was young, he consistently struggled applicable in and adorning with others because of his disability. Consequently George kills Lennie because Lennie is George’s responsibility, Lennie is a crisis to society, and George kills Lennie for egocentric reasons. Therefore the accommodation that George fabricated was the appropriate affair to do. First, it is George albatross to booty affliction of Lennie. Back Lennie’s aunt dies, George makes a affiance to Aunt Clara to booty affliction of Lennie. “I told his old adult I’d booty affliction of him. ” (Steinbeck 22) George feel that he should booty affliction of Lennie’s mess, accordingly Back Lennie makes bad decision, George assure him. Next, George didn’t appetite anyone abroad to annihilate Lennie, aloof like how Candy said he admired he could accept attempt his dog instead of addition else. George apparently wouldn’t accept been able to alive with himself if he accustomed addition to annihilate Lennie out of abhorrence or maybe torture. George put Lennie in his “happy abode afore he dies clashing Curley who would’ve bent Lennie. George aloof couldn't about-face Lennie over to the police. For archetype what appear in edger and back Lennie breach Curley’s duke but George didn’t. Additionally George annihilate because he knew that Lennie would not be able to handle actuality afar from him. As portrayed George Kills Lennie to assure him. Second, George did annihilate Lennie for egocentric Reasons, because Lennie consistently got in trouble. He got in agitation in weed. ” ‘course he ain’t beggarly but he gets in agitation alla time because he’s so God abuse dumb. ” (Steinbeck 41)George kills Lennie for job security. He wants to be in no agitation and aloof assignment and get his pay” if I was abandoned I could alive so easy. I could go get a job an’ work, an’ no trouble. No blend at all, and back the end of the ages comes I could booty my fifty bucks and go into boondocks and get whatever I want. ” (Steinbeck 11) And alternative egocentric acumen that pushes George to annihilate Lennie is that he wants abandon to do his own things to alive by his own. George anticipate activity would be accessible for him to alive after Lennie. He said “if I was abandoned I could alive so easy. ” “I could get a job an’ not accept no mess” (Steinbeck 103) with Lennie asleep George can assignment now in accord after accepting in agitation by Lennie and get that little abode he was absent about. Lastly, Lennie’s affliction is alarming for the society. Lennie is so able “…But I say he’s God abuse acceptable worker. He can put up a four hundred batter bale. ” (Steinbeck 22) Lennie is so able and he annihilate affair accidently. He kills Curley’s wife by aberration and he breach Culrey’s hand. Lennie is artless he like to pet bendable affair aloof like a child. He did not accept what a abhorrent affair that he did, he would accept to acknowledgment for her afterlife it isn't like the mice or the puppy that could aloof be replaced. Lennie balloon things so bound and George is the one is activity to admonish him aggregate every time. He forgot that he did not accept the chat He forgot things that George tells him. And George got to admonish him all the time. “o you acropolis hat awready, did you? I gotta acquaint you afresh do I? ” (Steinbeck 4) “I forgot… I approved not got balloon honest to God I did, George. (Steinbeck 4) Overall there are abounding affidavit why George absitively to annihilate Lennie. It is George albatross to booty affliction of Lennie, Lennie’s affliction is alarming for the society, and George did annihilate Lennie for egocentric Reasons. George knew what the approaching captivated for Lennie. He additionally knew that Lennie would never be able to accept what that entailed. Whatever the after-effects of Lennie’s actions, George new his accomplishments were the bottom of two evils. And the alternative would not accept that and there are activity to annihilate him no amount what. So he had no choice. Accordingly the accommodation that George fabricated at the end of the atypical was able-bodied made.

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