Oedipus/Antigone Response

Annie February 19, 2013 Oedipus / Antigone Response 1. What factors contributed to Antigone’s downfall, and does the end of the comedy amuse the audience’s demands for justice? There are altered factors that accord to the atrophy of Antigone. Firstly, the actuality that two of her brothers accept been angry to afterlife for the head has had a abrogating appulse on her life. She has absent both of her brothers at the aforementioned time. Secondly, Antigone believed that her accommodation was afterward all-powerful justice. For example, she already said to Creon “Your adjustment was outrageous. And lastly, she has been arrested and put into a cavern for afterward her faculty of amends has led to the atrophy of Antigone. Admitting the actuality that Creon has taken aback his words and fix what he did, anybody has died and hence, the audience’s appeal for amends is not satisfied. 2. Referring to at atomic three adverse elements, actuate whether Creon or Antigone is the added adverse hero(ine). According to “Once aloft a Greek stage”, we can actuate that Creon is absolutely the added adverse hero than Antigone via some elements: hamartia, airs and catharsis. First, hamartia is basically back Creon suffered abundantly because of his actions. That acquired the absent of his ancestors and the abutment of his country. Next, the tragedy abstraction of airs is abundantly approved through Creon. For instance, as the baron of Thebes, the bodies all looked to him for the answer. This fabricated him believed that he was consistently appropriate and aggregate had to go in the way he capital to: “I am Baron of Thebes, Antigone. I accept a assignment as a monarch. Moreover, he additionally believed that his accommodation was appropriate in the backbreaking of Antigone, admitting that actuality that she was affianced to Haemon, Creon’s son. “A burst law is a burst law, and lawbreakers charge be punished. Antigone will be no exception. ” In this case, his faculty of pride was the adverse blemish that led him to his downfall. At the end, Creon assuredly accomplished that his pride has brought aggregate down, and additionally was the account of his family’s death. Comparing to Antigone, in the end of the story, she still did not apprehend her faults and anticipation aggregate she did was afterward all-powerful justice. About Creon, he was able to apprehend his mistakes at least, and this showed the tragedy of catharsis. The moment back he absent his wife and his son, it responded the faculty of pity. Not alone that, the faculty of all-powerful amends performed back he appear burying Polynices. Eventually, the battle of the comedy developed him to be the added adverse hero than Antigone. 3. What accepted accuracy is discussed aural the comedy “Once aloft a Greek stage”, and what implications aftereffect from this message? The comedy “once aloft a Greek stage” contains a brace of accepted truths. The action amid two claret brothers for the head credibility out that ancestors may not consistently abutment anniversary other. Furthermore, Creon, uncle of Antigone, has acted actively to Antigone and Polynices; already afresh absolve the accuracy above. Both Polynices and Eteocles accept done amiss but alone Eteocles was buried. It credibility out the accepted accuracy that activity is not consistently fair. It implies that sometimes, you ability not get what you deserved, and that luck plays a basic role in life. In conclusion, “Drama is a accomplished way of teaching a accepted truth. ” - Aristotle.

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