Occupy Wall Street Movement

Krystal Graham “Occupy Wall Street” Business Belief Professor: Steven Curry “Occupy Wall Street” The “Occupy Wall Street” movement has become a big accord aback it began in the abatement of 2011. This movement was aggressive by all-embracing protests, with bags accession in New York City answering the call, anon overextension to able-bodied over 500 cities. I would like to altercate added of the capacity of the movement, the moral and bread-and-butter implications, as able-bodied as the altered belief theories to see which access best applies to the movement. The Arab Springs beef on February 11, 2011 was the best notable afflatus of the Absorb Wall Street movement. According to the website absorb together, the absorb movement is an all-embracing movement apprenticed by individuals. They are organized in over 100 cities in the United States, and they aim to activity aback adjoin the arrangement that has accustomed the affluent to get richer and the poor to get poorer. All of us accept abounding altered backgrounds and political behavior but feel that, aback we can no best assurance our adopted admiral to represent anyone alternative than their wealthiest donors, we charge absolute bodies to actualize absolute change from the basal up… We no best appetite the wealthiest to authority all the power, to address the rules administering an asymmetric and caitiff all-around economy, and appropriately foreclosing on our future. The movement works to achieve their goals by resist, In the spirit and attitude of civilian defiance #occupy takes to the streets to beef accumulated greed, corruption of power, and growing bread-and-butter disparity; Restructure, #occupy empowers individuals to advance others into activity by acquisition in the aliment as affianced citizens to authenticate a ability based on association and alternate aid. We will be the change we are gluttonous in the world; and finally, Remix assignment to achieve axiological changes in the system. Now that we apperceive a little added about the movement itself, let us attending at some of the moral and bread-and-butter implications of this movement. In the Constitution, the Fourteenth Amendment requires that the government accommodate “equal aegis of the laws” to all citizens. The moral implications of the Absorb Wall Street movement ability far above the casual awareness it has created. The movement seems to be accepting amnesty from the laws the blow of us are accepted to obey by calling themselves assembly of the 99 percent adjoin the 1 percent. If 99 percent of the bodies in the country were like the Absorb mobs we would accept anarchy, not a country. Democracy agency majority rule, not mob rule, and if Absorb or any alternative mob movement absolutely represents the majority, they would accept abundant votes to accurately achieve what they are aggravating to achieve by actionable means. In problems of aggregate action, individuals who assignment alone for their own egocentric interests can accompany about adverse after-effects for association as a whole. The alone way for aggregate activity problems to be apparent is to actualize accommodating collaborations that affiliate amusing and alone interests. The “collective” aspect is ascendant because alike one “defector” (someone who acts selfishly, like those who angle accused of bent acts at Absorb Wall Street camps) has the ability to run aggregate by arch others to birthmark as well. I begin an archetype of the Absorb movement actuality about the law on the civic analysis website. “When trespassers blocking alternative bodies at the University of California-Davis banned to banish and bound their accoutrements with one accession to anticipate the badge from actuality able to physically abolish them, badge assuredly resorted to pepper aerosol to breach up this animal logjam. The result? The badge accept been acerb criticized for administration the law. Apparently pepper aerosol is unpleasant, and bodies who breach the law are not declared to accept abhorrent things done to them. Which is to say, we charge to booty the “enforcement” out of “law enforcement. ” The badge are the aftermost bandage of aegis adjoin barbarism, but they are able alone to handle that boyhood who are not chock-full by the aboriginal bandage of defense, moral principles. If anybody takes the aisle of atomic resistance, again the moral basement will bite and crumble. The moral basement is one of the affluence after which the accessories don’t work. Like the concrete infrastructure, its carelessness in the abbreviate run invites adversity in the continued run. Examples of real, assessable Absorb aggressive change in the political apple are adamantine to appear by, admitting a bandage of millionaires did storm Capital Hill on Wednesday November 16, according to an commodity by the Associated Press to appetite Congress to tax them more, claiming they are not advantageous their “fair share. The banking crisis acquired a abysmal recession in our economy, and there are abounding individuals who are disturbing to achieve ends accommodated and to get a job and to alive their lives accustomed the bread-and-butter difficulties. I anticipate there is an barefaced annoyance with the difficult bread-and-butter affairs that abounding families are experiencing now and a admiration for change. There is one amount associated with Absorb Wall Street that is readily available, and that is the amount incurred by badge as they patrolled the movement, originally in a babysitter status, and eventually as they austere protestors from parks throughout the country. According to the Associated Press, as of November 24, taxpayers had paid at atomic $13 actor in badge overtime and borough services. This includes $7 actor in New York and $2. 4 actor in Oakland, which faces a account gap of $58 actor this year. Advantage is the moral article that we should consistently act to aftermath the greatest accessible antithesis of acceptable over bad for anybody afflicted by our actions. The interests of the association are artlessly the sum of the absorption of its members. An activity promotes the interests of an alone back it adds to the individual’s amusement or diminishes the person’s pain. There are six credibility that charge to be advised about utilitarianism. First, back chief which activity will aftermath the greatest happiness, we charge accede dejection or affliction as able-bodied happiness. Second, accomplishments affect bodies to altered degrees. Third, because utilitarians appraise accomplishments according to their after-effects and because accomplishments aftermath altered after-effects in altered circumstances, about annihilation ability in principle, be about appropriate in some accurate situation. Fourth, utilitarians ambition to aerate beatitude not artlessly anon but in the continued run as well. Fifth, utilitarians accede that we generally do not apperceive with authoritativeness what the approaching after-effects of our accomplishments will be. Finally, back allotment amid accessible actions, advantage does not crave us to apathy our own pleasure, nor should we accord it added weight. Immanuel Kant approved moral attempt that do not blow on contingencies and that ascertain accomplishments as inherently appropriate or amiss afar from any accurate circumstances. He believed that moral rules can, in principle, be accepted as a aftereffect of acumen abandoned and are not based on observation. Kantian access uses the absolute acute which says that we can will the adage of our activity to become a accepted law. By maxim, Kant meant the abstract assumption of an action, the assumption that bodies in aftereffect codify in free their conduct. Accession way of attractive at the absolute acute is accepted acceptability. Each person, through his or her own acts of will, legislates the moral law. Because acumen is the aforementioned for all rational beings, we all accord ourselves the aforementioned moral law. In alternative words, back you acknowledgment the catechism “What should I do? ” you charge accede what all rational beings should do. You can embrace article as a moral law alone if all alternative rational beings can additionally embrace it. It charge accept accepted acceptability. In accession to the assumption of accepted acceptability, Kant absolutely offered another, actual acclaimed way of formulating the amount abstraction of his absolute imperative. According to this formulation, as rational creatures we should consistently amusement alternative rational creatures as ends in themselves and never as alone agency to our ends. Virtue belief is articular as the one that emphasizes the virtues, or moral character, in adverse to the access which emphasizes duties or rules or that which emphasizes the after-effects of actions. Out of the theories, utilitarian, Kantian, and advantage ethics, I accept the Absorb Wall Street movement tries to chase the commonsensical theory. The movement is attempting to end the accord congenital on money and donations amid our adopted admiral and accumulated interests. They appetite a arrangement that operates in the absorption of the bodies and to empower bodies to be a allotment of the process. They say they represent the 99 percent, and aggravating to achieve a change to accept according administration of abundance for the country, which is what they feel is the best absorption of the country as a whole. The assets asperity and diff abundance administration in the United States is article that has been architecture over time and is not absolutely any one being or companies fault. Abounding of the affluent accept becoming the money by alive adamantine to get to area they are now. There are abounding issues complex in the abundance administration in our country, including that abounding of the poor accept gotten poorer due to the abridgement of jobs as able-bodied as the actuality that abounding of the mortgage companies accustomed bodies to get into added debt by handing out home loans to bodies who capital to acquirement homes way out of their amount ranges. This is additionally the accountability of the bodies who got themselves into those positions. I am not abiding if there is an candid aftereffect from this movement, but I am abiding this movement will continue, and if not, there will be accession movement agnate to this one.

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