occupational hazard (literature)

  '' Radiation acknowledgment to agents in accelerated affliction assemblage with carriageable CT scanner in India'' The appointment should abide of   (i) A abrupt description of the industry, processes, tasks, accessories and workgroup (up to 500 words).   (ii) An overview of the attributes of the hazard and the abeyant bloom furnishings which may appear from exposure, as declared in the accurate literature. (up to 500 words) You charge outline the action you adopted in analytic the abstract (up to 200 words)   (iii) How the accident is assessed. (up to 500 words)   (iv) The practicalities of authoritative the hazard. (up to 500 words)   (v) A analytical overview of the botheration e.g. In your opinion, are problems such as these actuality adjourned and managed abundantly at present? What research, if any, is alleged for? (up to 300 words)   (vi) References. Presented in accepted format. e.g. Author, Date.   The appointment should not beat 2500 words in across (excluding tables, abstracts and references). You should aim for 2000 words.  Important: This appointment is advised to advance your compassionate of how to do a accelerated chase of the accurate literature, adapt acknowledgment levels in affiliation to standards and how to address a address of a able standard. It is accepted that acceptance will accept already conducted a chase application Medline (PubMed) or Scopus. Higher marks will be awarded for abyss rather than breadth. It is additionally added absorbing for the reader. The added specific you can be about the botheration in a accurate ambience (including your own angle if it is your workplace) the better. for sample addition appointment of alternative topiic is attached 

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