Observation field log

1) Observation  0630 woke up, collaborate with band members 0700 Went to breakfast with band members Mores 0800 Morning affair with members Social Structure, norms, Amusing control 0845 Started advancing for the canicule missions 0945 Mission briefs 1030 Out on missions Poverty, Inequality, Gender roles, 1845 bankrupt bottomward aggregate for the day 1930 End of day meeting Social Structure 2000 Gym Norms 2200 Shower, allocution with my son aback home 2300 Chow with band members folkways 2400 Bed 2) Application  Try to delay one or added canicule afore starting this step. Revisit your acreage log and administer sociological assay to your observations. Describe how our day is shaped and accountable by amusing norms.  Analyze how at atomic four sociological concepts abstruse in chic (eg. roles, institutions, interactions, consequence management, date theory, affecting labor) administer to your acreage log observations. This allotment of the cardboard should not be focused on the accepted amusing norms you declared earlier, dig in with specific concepts in this from our argument (refrain from application dictionaries). For at atomic two of the concepts, acquisition and absorb an adapted antecedent that highlights how sociologists abstraction this abstraction in accustomed association (for example, affecting activity in the restaurant industry). Not abiding what constitutes an adapted source? See our Announcement on this in the classroom- tips and a acquirements bore are provided there. For example, we discussed gender socialization: In an commodity by Crespi (2011) that advised gender socialization and gender roles aural the family, after-effects showed that a cross-gender accord amid fathers and daughters, mothers and sons has emerged as cogent in free acceptable and non-traditional gender attitudes. The analysis appropriate that the accord with the ancestor of the adverse sex could be a able agency in abbreviation banal attitudes apropos gender roles (Crespi, 2011). *Use a altered archetype in your paper, the purpose actuality is to appearance your analysis abilities rather than echo my analysis skills.* 3)      Reflection Reflect on your role as a beyond allotment of association (i.e. your motives, instincts, feelings, and/or structural constraints). Discuss means alternative bodies afflicted you and the means you affected others in the amusing adventures of your day.

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