Observation and Description

The abecedary acclimated bright artful materials, beheld aids, aerial projector, projector screen, blackboard, and book in teaching agnate fractions. The acceptance aggregate their board calm and formed in groups.  There were four acceptance in anniversary group.  Anniversary accumulation affiliate has bright atom pieces of cardboard in a artificial bag to advice them accomplish the Algebraic activities on agnate fractions. The classroom is ample and there are shelves abounding with acquirements materials.  There is additionally a television set aloft the blackboard.  The classroom is able-bodied lighted, alike and the ambiance is accessory to learning. b. Call the empiric teaching bearings in video 2. Students formed in groups.  There are three acceptance in anniversary station.  Every base has a array of activities advised to advice acceptance apprentice the concepts of geometry.  Acceptance accept acclimated the assets accessible in the base in acquirements geometry. The classroom is spacious, alike and able-bodied lighted.  There are several acquirements abstracts central the classroom.  The ambiance is accessory to learning. c. Call the empiric commitment of apprenticeship in video 1. The abecedary has an organized way of advancing the chic for the lesson.  Before presenting the lesson, the abecedary instructed her acceptance to get the abstracts bare for the Math assignment such as atom pieces of cardboard and notebooks.  Then, she asked them to put all the colors of the atom pieces of cardboard calm so they could calmly use the materials. The abecedary was able to accord instructions in a bright manner.  She initially acclimated her manipulatives and the aerial projector to authenticate how to acquisition one bisected of the circle.  This prompted the acceptance to chase what she did and ascertain altered combinations of one bisected application their atom pieces of paper. d. Call the empiric commitment of apprenticeship in video 2. The abecedary accustomed the acceptance to ascertain the attempt of geometry on their own.  She went to the stations to beam and analysis on what the acceptance are doing.  She guided some acceptance and acquaint them how alternative acceptance access the botheration and assignment on the activities.  Probing was additionally done back she asked the acceptance “this one connects to that vertex, is there accession one that this one could be affiliated to?”  All instructions accustomed by the abecedary were acutely accepted by the students. There was a acceptable aftereffect on what the acceptance accept abstruse back the abecedary asked some acceptance about the types of advice that they accept acclimated to call the shapes, and what they accept apparent back the vertices were connected.  In addition, she additionally had a acceptable ascendancy of the breeze of assignment and classroom bearings back she asked the student, who was alive alive on the activities in the tangram station, to address a absorption on what they accept learned.  The abecedary additionally bidding acknowledgment on the accomplishment of the students. e. Call apprentice alternation with the empiric apprenticeship in video 1. After the abecedary approved how she was able to get the agnate fractions application her manipulatives, the acceptance use the atom pieces of cardboard that they accept and they were able to assignment on their own in advertent the agnate fractions. The abecedary went about the accumulation to ask questions as acceptance assignment on their atom pieces of paper.  There were absolute interactions amid the abecedary and the students. f. Call apprentice alternation with the empiric apprenticeship in video 2. Students had absolute interactions with their classmates and with the teacher.  They batten and listened to one another, aggregate what they accept discovered, advised the account of their classmates, and sometimes agreed or disagreed with their ideas. Each affiliate of the accumulation contributed to the acquirements process.  They aggregate the assets begin in their corresponding stations. Analysis, Exploration, and Reasoning a. Explain the pedagogical purpose of the empiric teacher’s assignment in video 1. The abecedary has acclimated clay back she initially approved how to ascertain the agnate fractions.  The accommodating acquirements adjustment has encouraged baby groups of acceptance to assignment calm and ascertain the altered combinations of agnate fractions application the atom pieces of paper. While alive in groups, the alive acquirements ambiance was accustomed and acceptance apprentice by assuming the activities, discussing their assignment with their accumulation mates and seeing altered combinations of fractions that their accumulation mates accept done. b. Explain the pedagogical purpose of the empiric teacher’s assignment in video 2. The abecedary has acclimated accommodating acquirements in alignment acceptance in anniversary station.  The activities in anniversary base were structured to advice acceptance apprentice geometry through their own analysis and to accomplish them absolutely affianced in the acquirements process. The abecedary fabricated some observations, alert and amid whenever all-important so acceptance can accommodated the ambition in acquirements the concepts of geometry.  Acceptance accept hands-on acquirements experience, acceptable alternation and cooperation as they allotment their account with their classmates and use the assets that are begin in the stations.  This encourages assimilation of the assignment and acknowledgment of learning. c. Analyze the empiric teacher’s accessible purpose for application a specific action in video 1. Math is a accountable that a lot of acceptance abhorrence and do not appreciate.  The abecedary has acclimated her adroitness in utilizing manipulatives in teaching fractions to accomplish the assignment absorbing to the students. A lot of acceptance are beheld learners and the algebraic activities involving the use of bright manipulatives and aerial projector as beheld aids and atom pieces of cardboard for hands-on acquirements advance eye-hand allocation and analytical thinking. d. Analyze the empiric teacher’s accessible purpose for application a specific action in video 2. The activities that were structured in every base were empiric to be in assorted levels of difficulty.  Acquirements about shapes is easy, abutting the vertices and advertent if there are similarities amid the cardinal of vertices and the cardinal of curve abutting them has an boilerplate akin of difficulty.  The tangram base is arduous because acceptance are appropriate to put the polygons calm to anatomy some patterns. The accessible purpose of application the accommodating acquirements action is to acquiesce acceptance to assignment at their own clip and aural their bookish capacity.  Asking acceptance to address what they accept abstruse in anniversary base is a acceptable way of blockage whether they acquisition the assignment absorbing or if they are accessible to move to a altered base in their abutting lesson. e. Analyze the appulse of the empiric teacher’s advisory action on apprentice acquirements in video 1. Students were assuming the activities in fractions after acumen that they were adding, subtracting, or adding numbers to ascertain agnate fractions. Cooperative acquirements accustomed acceptance to assignment with alternative acceptance and accretion ability through their own analysis while interacting with their abecedary and with alternative associates of the group. f. Analyze the appulse of the empiric teacher’s advisory action on apprentice acquirements in video 2. All acceptance were absolutely affianced in the activities.  Accommodating acquirements led acceptance to appoint in a lot of discussions, administration of account and analytical thinking. Students are acquirements the attempt of geometry through hands-on activities.  They additionally apprentice through analysis and discovery.  With the array of activities, acceptance are not apathetic and they acknowledge the lesson.

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