Objectives Of A Co Operative Society Commerce Essay

Anand Milk Abutment Ltd. was founded in 1946 and is cast which is managed by Gujarat Accommodating Milk Business Alliance Ltd an Indian accommodating organisation (GCMMF), which today is accordingly endemic by 3.3 actor milk producers in Gujarat, India. It spurred the white anarchy in india which in about-face fabricated India the bigger ambassador of milk and milk articles in the world. Its anniversary about-face in the year 2011-2012 accomplished to US$ 2.5 billion. Its circadian milk accretion is about 13 actor lit from 16,117 apple milk accommodating societies.

GCMMF has now become the bigger exporter of India. Abounding of its articles are accessible in countries like USA, Gulf Countries, Singapore, The Philippines, Japan, China and Australia.

Since the mid 1990’s AMUL has entered areas that are not anon accompanying to its amount business. Its access into the acreage of arctic articles was absolutely acknowledged as it was able to abduction a ample bazaar allotment in absolutely a abbreviate while.

Over the aftermost bristles and a bisected decades, dairy cooperatives accept created an bread-and-butter arrangement that links 3.1 actor apple milk producers with millions of consumers in India.

Its articles ambit from milk,  butter, ghee,cheese, Masti Dahi, Yoghurt,  Buttermilk chocolate, ice cream, cream, shrikhand, paneer, gulab jamuns, flavoured milk, basundi, Nutramul cast and others. In January 2006, it launched India’s aboriginal sports alcohol Stamina, which affairs to attempt with Coco-Cola, Pepsi, Gatorade etc. It additionally alien Kool Koko, a a amber milk cast extending its artefact alms in the milk articles segment. Its amoroso chargeless pro-biotic ice chrism won The International Dairy Alliance Business Award in 2007.

Logo Of The Company:




The name Amul itself indicates that it is a branch union. There are assorted types of branch affiliation which are as under:

(1) Producers or articles branch society

(2) Consumer branch society

(3) Apartment branch society

(4) branch farming

(5) branch acclaim solvency

This close is the close of affiliation in which being amalgamate calm toform a society for the purpose of manufacturing goods. Although it is autonomous administration of automated production. This is advantageous breadth ample basal is neither all-important nor abundant abstruse and able ability of themanagement is needed. In India some of the Amoroso comminute and ginning mills are active beneath this formation. Dairies are additionally adopting co-operating format.Amul is the producer’s branch society.


Organization Anatomy is disconnected into two parts:

External Alignment Structure

Internal Alignment Structure

1.External Alignment Structure

External Alignment Anatomy is the alignment anatomy that affects the alignment from the outside.

State Akin Business Federation

District Milk Artefact Abutment Ltd.

Village Milk Artefact Abutment Ltd.


As we know, GCMMF is a assemblage of Gujurat Milk Business Federation, which is a branch organization. The villagers of added than 10000 villages of Gujarat are the bases of this structure. They all accomplish apple milk producers union, commune akin milk producers abutment and again a accompaniment akin business alliance is established. The anatomy is a band relationship, which provides accessible way to operation. It additionally provides bigger advice amid two stages..

2.Internal Alignment Structure:

The afterward is centralized alignment blueprint of Amul:


Managing Director

General Manager

Assistant Accepted Manager

Finance Dept. Assembly Dept Business Dept. Sales & Acquirement Dept Personnel Dept.

Senior Administrator Chief Administrator Chief Administrator Chief Administrator Chief Manager

Finance Mana. Assembly Mana. Business mana. Sales Mana. Personnel Manager

Accounting administrator Business Administrator P.R.F Officers Supervisors F.S.R Salesman Executive

A systematic & welldefined organizational structure plays a vital  role & provides authentic advice to the top-level management. An alignment anatomy defines a assured band of authorities & responsibilities amid the advisers of GCMMF. The Alignment anatomy of Amul is well-arranged structure. At a glance a being can absolutely appear to apperceive about the alignment structure.

Amul is leaded by the director under him five branches viz. Factory, Marketing,Accounts, Purchase, Animal Assets Department. Factory administration has a abstracted accepted administrator beneath him there are six braches viz.Production, Stores, Distribution, Cold Storage, Quality, and Deep-freezing. This administration takes affliction of the factory assignment .Marketing administration has bounded chief business administrator and beneath him there is a bounded manager. This administration takes care of the business aspects of Amul.

Accounts department takes care regarding accounts i.e. day-to-day work. Under theaccountant there is one clerk. Acquirement administration takes affliction apropos the acquirement of raw abstracts and abounding alternative things.


Every alignment is set up with some objectives to fulfill. The objectives may be social, economic, civic and human.

Amul was additionally set up with some basal objectives to accomplish including all social, economic, civic and animal objectives.

Following are the objectives of Amul:

Social Objectives:

Amul has an cold to accumulation appurtenances with best of affection and abstention at actual reasonable rates.

It helped to abate malpractices agitated out by merchants and milk traders.

Its White anarchy fabricated a huge addition to the advancement of abjection and dearth levels from levels that were alarmingly low

National Objectives:

Amul has helped India to access its assembly of milk by 40 actor metric tonnes and become the country with the best milk assembly all over the world

To access the adopted barter of the country by exporting the milk products

To aftermath articles according to civic priorities

To advice advance the bloom and diet of abounding aural the country.

Human Objectives:

To advice the villagers associated with Amul to advertise their milk products

To accommodate acceptable alive altitude to the employees

To accommodate advance opportunities to the astern and unprivileged villagers

To accommodate job achievement to the employees

Economic Objectives:

Expansion of administration network.

 Creative and Unique business strategies.

Optimum appliance of accessible resources.

Creation and amplification of loyal chump base.

Even admitting the basal cold is not to accomplish profit, some profits are still to be fabricated so as to survive and expand.


The Amul archetypal has helped India to appear as the bigger milk ambassador in the world. Added than 15 actor milk producers cascade their milk in 1,44,246 dairy accommodating societies beyond the country. Their milk is candy in 177 Commune Branch Unions and marketed by 22 Accompaniment Business Federations, ensuring a bigger activity for millions.

”Someone beautifully said that aback you buy from baby shops, you are not allowance a MNC CEO buy a third vacation home, but allowance a little babe get academy education, a little boy get his candid bat, a mom put aliment on the table or a ancestors accord a apartment loan. It is this India that we charge to accept in and affliction for.”-CHAIRMAN SPEECH at the 38th Anniversary Accepted Body Meeting captivated on 31st May, 2012.

We would aboveboard like to acknowledge our business studies abecedary for giving us this activity as it has accomplished and added our ability about accommodating socities.


The managers at Amul provided us with alot of advice as to how and aback it was formed. It all began aback milk became a attribute of protest. The bearing of Amul was aggressive by the abandon movement and was founded in 1946 to stop the corruption by middlemen.

The seeds of Amul were sown added than 65 years ago in Anand, a baby boondocks in Gujarat, western India. Angered by the artful practices of the bounded barter cartel, the farmers of Anand approached the abundant Indian patriot Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel for a solution. He brash them to get rid of middlemen and anatomy their own co-operative, which would accept procurement, processing and business beneath their control.

In 1946, the farmers of this breadth went on a milk bang abnegation to be abashed bottomward by the cartel. Beneath the afflatus and advice of abundant leaders like Sardar Patel, Morarji Desai and Tribhuvandas Patel, they formed their own cooperative.

Amul grew from backbone to backbone aback again and there was no attractive back. The again Prime Minister of India, Lal Bahadur Shastri absitively that the aforementioned access should become the base of a Civic Dairy Development policy. He accepted that the success of Amul could be attributed to the afterward factors –

The farmers endemic the diary, their adopted assembly managed the apple societies and the commune union, and they active professionals to accomplish the account and administer its business.

The cooperatives were acute to the needs of farmers and acknowledging to their demands.

At his instance in 1965 the Civic Dairy Development Board was set up with the basal cold of replicating the Amul model. Dr. Kurien was called to arch the academy as its Chairman and asked to carbon this archetypal throughout the country.

The managers alike provided us with added advice about the amul model-

The cast name Amul agency ”AMULYA”. This chat acquired from the Sanskrit chat ”AMULYA” which agency ”PRICELESS”. Amul articles accept been in use in millions of homessince 1946. Amul butter, Amul Milk Powder, Amul Ghee, Amulspray, Amul Cheese, Amul Chocolates, Amul Shrikhand, Amul Ice cream, Nutramul, Amul Milk and Amulya accept fabricated Amul a arch aliment cast in India.

Today Amul is a attribute of abounding things like of the aerial affection articles awash at reasonable prices, of the alpha of a all-inclusive branch network, of the celebration of aboriginal technology, of the business adeptness of a farmers’ organization. And accept a accurate archetypal for account development (”ANAND PATTERN”).

At the antecedent date alone 250 litres of milk was calm every day.

But with the growing acquaintance of the allowances of the coorperativeness, the accumulating of milk increased. Today Amul collects 11 lakhs liters of milk every day, apery advance of 6.09 percent.


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