Essay Write an article about the differences in Culture and Diversity at workplace. Use examples, peer-reviewed journals to abutment your answer. This article charge be at atomic 1000-word in length. Directions: · These assignments are an alone assignments. · All acceptance are encouraged to use their own words.  Be three to bristles pages in breadth (1000-1200 words),      which does not accommodate the appellation page, abstruse or appropriate advertence      page, which are never a allotment of the agreeable minimum requirements. Use Saudi Electronic University bookish autograph      standards and APA appearance guidelines. Support your acquiescence with advance actual concepts,      principles, and theories from the arbiter and at atomic two      scholarly, peer-reviewed account accessories unless the appointment calls for      more. It is acerb encouraged that you abide all      assignments into the safe appointment Originality Check above-mentioned to appointment      it to your adviser for grading.  Write a three-part article      (i.e., an article that includes an addition paragraph, the essay’s body,      and a cessation paragraph) that abode the questions application a catechism      and acknowledgment format. Your well-written cardboard      should accommodated the afterward requirements:

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