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Columbia Business School Revised December 18, 2000 The New York Burghal Badge Department Convoying Arrangement The Burghal of New York is disconnected into 73 precincts. These precincts are the basal authoritative units for the operation of the accustomed badge convoying cars (called radio adaptable patrols or RMPs) we see on the Burghal streets. For staffing purposes the Badge Department divides the day into three eight-hour tours of duty: 12 midnight to 8AM, 8AM to 4PM, and 4PM to 12 midnight. A authentic badge belt such as the 26th, in which Columbia University stands, may accept 6 convoying cars in the acreage during the archetypal 8-to-4 tour. In New York about 1200 cartours are fielded on an boilerplate day -- about 200 on the 12 to 8 tour, about 400 on the 8 to 4 tour, and about 600 on the 4 to 12 tour. Best cars are staffed with two badge officers. The primary tasks of the convoying cars are responding to emergencies that are phoned in by citizens via the 911 emergency blast arrangement and patrolling the streets. Annually, there are about 10 actor calls accustomed by the 911 system. Accident of emergency calls is about actual unpredictable, but incidents are best accustomed in the aboriginal black hours. Emergency incidents alter in severity and accent -- alignment from letters of crimes in advance to complaints about loud neighbors. Roughly 10% of calls are potentially austere and get aerial antecedence from the police. Back not responding to 911 calls, convoying cars convoying in their assigned neighborhoods, referred to as sectors. Anniversary belt about has 4 to 8 sectors. "Back-office" operations for the 911 arrangement are amid in Badge Headquarters in burghal Manhattan at One Badge Plaza. Incoming 911 calls are handled by banks of blast operators, aggregate by borough. The operators awning the calls to actuate whether or not they are accepted badge matters, and key in to the axial computer arrangement advice about the time, location, and attributes of the incident. If the adventure was not ahead reported, the advice is electronically relayed to the badge convoying bagman for the adapted precinct. NYPD Convoying Arrangement Columbia Business School p. 1 © 1998, Linda V. Green - 67 - Dispatchers are civilians who are amenable for allotment convoying cars to 911 incidents in the precincts they handle. They additionally adviser the cachet of incidents and convoying cars and ascribe all accordant advice to the axial computer system. Dispatchers are about amenable for 2 or 3 abutting precincts. Back a bagman receives a new incident, the advice is automatically added to a computer awning for that precinct, and the job is added to the celerity chain in antecedence order. Back a convoying car from the belt is available, the bagman will accredit it to the abutting job in the celerity queue. If the adventure is a alarming one, added than one car may be dispatched. All communications are via radio Back a car is accomplished to a job, it aboriginal campaign to the arena of the incident. If the adventure is still active, the admiral accomplish whatever tasks are alleged for and, back done, address up appropriate letters and radio to the bagman a final cachet code. The bulk of account time per car per adventure (including biking time) varies abundantly from adventure to incident, but all-embracing it averages about 30 minutes. Allocation of the 1300 car-tours amid the precincts is a circuitous and acute issue. Precincts alter abundantly in population, concrete area, abundance of 911 calls, incidence, and blazon of abomination and appropriate needs. Moreover, the amount and blazon of 911 calls may alter by day of the anniversary and by season. For these reasons, allocations charge be adapted regularly, and appropriately it is all-important to accept a fast and able computer-based adjustment to advice actuate allocations. Fortunately, authentic abstracts is readily accessible from the 911 computer arrangement which annal abundant advice about anniversary call. The table beneath illustrates the blazon of abstracts that is calm and acclimated to advice actuate allocations for anniversary 8 hour bout of duty. Though at any accustomed point in time the absolute cardinal of RMP’s is fixed, occasionally the burghal decides to either access or cut the number, usually as a absorption of the banking cachet of the city. The bordering amount of abacus a absolutely staffed car for one tour-of-duty for a year is about $300,000 ($230,000 of which is for labor). Suppose the burghal consists of alone six precincts as apparent in the table. Your appointment is to admeasure convoying cars amid these six precincts for the bout of appointment declared by these data. You may accept that, on average, a car spends 30 account on anniversary alarm in anniversary precinct. Furthermore, statistical assay has apparent that account times are able-bodied modeled by an exponential distribution.

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