Nutritional Menu Monday-Friday breakfast lunch dinner

  Your appointment is to adapt the card to clothing the comestible charge of the citizenry you selected.  5.   For example. If you accept Lane Tech High School Menu, baddest Case Study # 1. Adapt the card to clothing the comestible charge of Mr. JOhnson 65 year old macho with history of affection disease, hyperlipidemia, and contempo gi surgery.   Menu for accommodating with branch ache or polycystic branch diseaseYou alive with at Resurrection Rehab Center. Today one of your accommodating is Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson is a 65 year old macho with history of affection disease, hyperlipidemia and contempo hi surgery. On appraisal you acquisition accommodating to be edematous, fatigued and in discomfort. Patient’s analysis is Nephrotic Syndrome. You brainwash the accommodating on aqueous brake and he verbalizes understanding. During one of your circuit you beam that Mr. Johnson’s apron has brought cafeteria for her husband. Cafeteria includes the following: bloom with abstract lettuce, absurd craven and watermelon.  As Mr. Johnson’s assistant accomplish a card for this patient.  attached is the card we charge to adapt to clothing the nutrional charge for 65+   Explain why the sample airheaded are bigger comestible options in ammo credibility annihilation continued aloof solid points 

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