nutrition reflection paper

Your article will charge to accommodate 8 paragraphs analogue 1. Introduction 2. Carbohydrates 3. Fats 4. Protein  5. Micronutrient 6. Micronutrient 7. Micronutrient and 8. Conclusion In your article you will charge to abode your assimilation in agreement of all three macronutrients (carbohydrates,  fats, and proteins) as able-bodied as THREE micronutrients of your choosing. You will charge to altercate if you are  under, affair or beyond the needs of anniversary of these six categories, as able-bodied as what this agency in  relation to your bloom and how your anatomy functions.  Each of the six capacity of altercation (3  macronutrients and 3 micronutrients) will charge to be addressed in your paper, thoroughly, and with  detail. You will charge to tie in advice from our diet 100 course, your book, and you may (if  needed/wanted) tie in advice based on added analysis (PLEASE CITE THESE SOURCES).  At the alpha of your article you will charge an anterior paragraph. This does not charge to be super  long, but amuse acquaint your clairvoyant to your cardboard and how you begin the advice you are about  to address about. How did you clue your diet- was this easier or harder than expected? At the end of your  essay you will charge a branch (paragraph 8) to abridge and reflect on your comestible cachet and  what you accept abstruse in this class. How has the ability of how your anatomy uses food, how it  functions, and what you are arresting appulse the choices you accomplish or will abide to accomplish in the  future apropos your nutrition? For anniversary macronutrient/micronutrient amuse altercate the afterward to accept abounding credit. 1.  Your boilerplate assimilation of that comestible (both in grams or milligrams, and the allotment of your  RDA) 2.  Your RDA/AI for that comestible (on the BarGraph report) 3.  The purpose/functions of this comestible (why do we charge this nutrient?) 4.  2-4 foods you ate that attributed to your all-embracing assimilation of that nutrient 5.  3 foods (other than those you consumed) that are aerial in this nutrient 6.  If applicative what happens if we get too abundant or too little of this nutrient? 7.  If you are above/below your RDA and what modifications you would accomplish to accomplish an intake  closer to the adapted bulk for your needs ** While your capital paragraphs should awning the aforementioned basal advice they should NOT be redundant.  Please use your autograph abilities to actualize a cardboard that is absolute and absorbing to read. Formatting for your essay: *Please accomplish agenda of these formatting guidelines. If I apprehension that your margins are beyond than  what is listed below, or your chantry is beyond (etc) I will change the formatting to what is below. If the  length is afflicted in your cardboard you will be docked points. These formatting instructions are in abode to  make abiding that you are absorption abundant to complete all credibility in your paper. If you go over the 4 pages  that is okay- but amuse be alert of your paper’s length.  1.  3-4 pages in breadth (1000 words) 2.  12 point arial font 3.  1.5 spacing 4.  0.8-1.0 inch margins 5.  Include an anterior and arbitrary paragraph.

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