Nutrition Powerpoint

   Your appointment is to adapt the card to clothing the comestible charge of the citizenry you selected.  Your assigned citizenry accumulation for this activity will be accouchement in grades K-8 (kindergarten through 8th grade). I accept uploaded Audubon Elementary School's cafeteria airheaded to your book folder  Menu for accommodating with Inflammatory Bowel Ache Karen is a 13-year apprentice at Audubon Elementary School who comes to the burning dispensary with diarrhea and fever. This has been activity on for a few canicule but got worse today. According to Karen’s mother accommodating has a history of Crohn’s disease. On appraisal accommodating letters activity anemic and fatigued. Her affection amount is 120 and B/P 90/56. She letters actuality acutely agog and is abatement her appetite by sipping on ample canteen of diet coke. She letters demography all her medications religiously. Mother is abashed because she has been giving Karen advantageous foods such as fruits and salads. On added analytic Karen letters that the ancestors is vegan. You alpha the IV to hydrate the accommodating but additionally apperceive that you charge advise Karen the acceptation of diet and bistro appropriate to administer CD and alive a convalescent lifestyle. As Karen’s assistant accomplish a card for this patient. 

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