For modules 6, 7, and 8, you will watch the aboriginal 3 genitalia of a documentary titled, Weight of the Nation. The HBO documentary confronts America's blubber catching and is presented in four sections:  Part 1: Consequences Part 2: Choices Part 3: Children in Crisis Part 4: Challenges During Modules 6, 7 and 8, you are appropriate to watch one area and we will altercate the documentary as a accumulation in the Altercation Board. Each area is about an hour so accomplish abiding to accord yourself acceptable time to watch the documentary. As usual, you are appropriate to column your aboriginal animadversion afore you can see the blow of that Module's discussion, so posting early is best. Remember that you are appropriate to column to at atomic two of your classmates as well; therefore, the beforehand we all column the bigger the altercation will be. If you do not column your aboriginal animadversion by 4 canicule into the Module, credibility will be deducted. Module 6 Requirement: Watch Weight of the Nation,  Part 1: Consequences. Column your comments, thoughts, etc. to the altercation board. Aboriginal column charge be submitted by November 3rd for abounding credit.

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