Discussion 1: Evaluating Diet Information For this discussion, conduct an internet chase for a diet catechism that interests you.  It could be about a accurate aliment or a diet or how aliment ability be benign for assertive conditions.  Choose an commodity from your "search".  Then appraise the commodity based on the afterward criteria: On what affectionate of website does the advice appear?  (.gov, .com, .net, .edu, etc) Is the columnist listed?  If not, can you actuate who ability accept accounting it?  If so, is there any affirmation that the columnist has some ascendancy in the acreage of diet or health?  (qualifications, accreditation [RD/RDN, MD, PhD, MS, etc] Who is the advised admirers for this information?  General accessible or scholarly?  If scholarly, does it accommodate a bibliography or advertence list? Are there any clues that the columnist ability be biased?  (selling or announcement a product?  demography a claimed angle based on amusing or political issues? other?)  If so, call how the commodity is biased, if not, accommodate affirmation that it is aloof (ex. they action both pros/cons; you can acquisition accompanying advice from aboveboard sources accordant with the author, etc). In your altercation column accommodate the catechism you asked in your search, the appellation of the commodity you chose, the articulation to the article, and a abrupt arbitrary and account of your acumen of the authority and believability of the advice you found.  Your acknowledgment should be at atomic 250 words.  After announcement your response, apprehend the responses of your classmates and acknowledge to at atomic one in 150 words.

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