nursing theory (Case study-1)

  Callista Roy and Betty Neuman's theories appearance the being (individual, group, or community) as a holistic adaptive arrangement that consistently interacts with the centralized and alien environments. Both theories appearance the being as being the centermost of nursing and present health/wellness and affliction as genitalia of the aforementioned continuum, about there are some key assumptions that are different. As such, select one of the theories and identify 1 assumption of the approach and altercate how the affliction rendered for this accommodating by an avant-garde convenance assistant would be structured (assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention, evaluation) according to the theory. Give 2 specific examples of interventions that you ahead will be included in the patient's care.  Mr. Reynolds is a 32 year-old macho accommodating ailing on the orthopedic assemblage of the hospital. He is status-post motorcycle blow and appropriate leg beneath the knee amputation. He has a history of Depression and Schizophrenia. He is currently afar from his wife and conflicting from his family. He is apprehension amusing assignment for adjustment in a rehabilitation facility, area he will abide his recovery. use: APA formate and pictures added   I charge at atomic 2-3 references  

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