Nursing Management: Module 2


Sullivan, E.J. (2012). Effective administration and administration in nursing. (8th Ed.). Upper Saddle      River, NJ: Prentice-Hall. ISBN-10: 0132814544 | ISBN-13: 978-0132814546






Module II

Leadership, Followership, Management

Learning Objectives

Module II concentrates on the afterward advance outcomes—

1.    Analyze the apparatus of the nursing administration action aural a analytic context.

The administration action of planning, organizing, directing, controlling, and staffing is introduced. The action is acclimated by leaders and managers in the achievement of positions. The action is additionally acclimated as the allegorical framework for this course.

2.    Critique the able nurse's administration role in allegorical a assorted affliction team.

The nurse’s administration role is declared and explored. The accent is on the administration role of the able agents assistant as able-bodied as alternative levels of nursing administration in an organization.

3.    Integrate administration concepts into the competent accouterment of applicant care.

The nurse’s administration role is additionally declared in the module. The adverse amid administration and administration tasks and behaviors is explored. The accent is on the administration and administration role of the able agents assistant as able-bodied as alternative levels of nursing administration in an organization.

Reading Assignment

Sullivan: Chapters 4, 7, 17


Leading, managing and afterward are basic genitalia of able practice. Effective behaviors associated with these concepts will access accommodating affliction and authoritative outcomes, behindhand of titles. Administration and administration behaviors can be learned. It is important to admit that administration and administration are two altered concepts. One can be a administrator and not be a leader, and carnality versa. Administration behaviors acclimated by managers abundantly affect followers and may be absolute or negative. Both leaders and managers use adeptness and access to achieve authoritative goals. Dynamic leaders are those who mentor, coach, account and absolutely accord to the development of others. Anticipate about bodies that you accept accepted who are absolute leaders, what characteristics and behaviors do they display to access others. What types of advice styles do leaders about use?

There are a cardinal of theories of leadership, managementand motivation that may be activated aural an organization. Some of the accepted administration theories include: Transformational Theory, Situational Contingency Theory, and action theories such as Herzberg's, Maslow's and Expectancy and Goal Ambience Theory. In authoritative behavior, there has been abundant analysis over the years in affiliation to what motivates bodies with the cessation that there are two ample categories of motivation: 1) content and 2) process. Content theories are referred to as "needs theories" as they explain the specific factors that actuate people. These theories accord acumen into the catechism of "what drives people." Action theories are additionally called cognitive theories and focus on what cerebral cerebration motivates or drives the alone to initiate, alter or arrest behavior (Borkowski, 2005). Action is about accouterment an alignment and adeptness that satisfies both of the advisers built-in and acquired needs.

There are a cardinal of concepts accessible accompanying to leadership, administration and authoritative behavior. Power, one such concept, is acclimated in the alignment to access the behavior of others. Yoder-Wise call bristles behaviors that nurses use in affiliation to adeptness accompanying to political and able practice. These include: 1) apathy, buy-in, self-interest, political composure and arch the way. These adeptness accompanying behaviors can absolutely or abnormally access authoritative behavior. Empowerment has accustomed abundant acceptance in the healthcare association in the accomplished two decades. It relates to claimed and able adeptness or ascendancy for practice. It is apparent in affiliation with autonomy, aggregate leadership, decentralized organizations and those with Magnet status.

Clinical administration offers abounding challenges; one is to admit the aftereffect of claimed and able needs that actuate agents to accomplish job duties and adeptness adapted outcomes. Finding out what motivates agents fosters empowerment through approval, satisfaction, accomplishment, and self-esteem, which ammunition alone motivation. Individuals accompany to the abode altered needs and goals, the blazon and acuteness of motivators alter amid employees. Motivated advisers are added acceptable to be advantageous than are non-motivated workers. This is one acumen that action is an important aspect of acceptable agent performance. It is acute with the connected change aural the bloom affliction settings with amount containment, cutbacks and reimbursement. As a baton abundant of the success in administering or delegating to agents beneath able than will depend on people-management skills—your adeptness to actuate those about you. The best acknowledged motivators generally become the best acknowledged leaders. They are the leaders who account things to appear with their adeptness to access others. Methods acclimated to actuate others are to authorize credibility. Follow up on problems and back you accumulate all promises your believability becomes durably established. Be a role archetypal by ambience the accent and clip for your team. You set the accepted for ethical behavior and abutment the appearance of what is important. Take an absorption in others, as one of the greatest motivators is caring. Make abiding it is 18-carat interest. Overzealous or insincere acclaim is as absurd as no acclaim at all. Reward absolute behaviors, which alone reinforce the behavior and set the archetype for others. Share accommodation authoritative with the staff. Staffs accomplish bigger back they feel they are accidental to a aggregation effort, authoritative a aberration and assignment bigger back they are included. Action effective criticism. Sometimes it is all-important to action effective criticism to advance performance. Criticism should be directed against the empiric behavior and not against the alone and should be in private.

Classic administration functions include: planning, organizing, directing, authoritative and staffing. Aural these four ample categories are added specific administration and authoritative concepts as are acicular out in the Bore I Adeptness Point presentation. It is important to apperceive the four ample categories of management. Contemporary administration is aftereffect aggressive and supports the missions and ethics of an organization. Key administration functions to be accustomed with accommodate recognition, delegation, accommodation making, reporting, budgeting, botheration analytic and analytical thinking. Each of these activities will be addressed in this course.

Assignment questions: Post answers in Forums Bore II. See agenda for due date.

1. Select one of the leadership, administration or motivational theories from the readings and altercate how you anticipate it applies aural the organization.

2. Describe your own administration behaviors. Altercate administration behaviors that you best admire.

3. Altercate administration ancestry that you would like to acquire.

4. What are differences in administration roles and administration roles differ?

5. Discuss assorted types of adeptness apparent in an alignment and which are advantageous and which are detrimental.

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