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This will be a analysis cardboard at atomic 3 pages in length, in APA format, that includes: The advice from allotment 1. An outline of your telehealth effort. How will you actuate if the advice presented was understood? What assets will you need? Consider abstruse resources, concrete space, interpreters, etc. How will you accomplish up for the actuality that you will not be face to face with the client(s)? Assignment File(s) Telehealth Assignment [Word Document] Rubric NM 208 Telehealth Allotment 2NM 208 Telehealth Allotment 2CriteriaRatingsPtsThis archetype is affiliated to a Learning OutcomeIntroduction20.0 to >17.0 ptsHigh proficiencyClear, abridged and specific apriorism statement17.0 to >13.0 ptsModerately aerial proficiencyAdequately introduces topic/ apriorism account may be defective specificity13.0 to >9.0 ptsModerate ProficiencyIntroduction is too short/thesis account is vague9.0 to >4.0 ptsLow-level ProficiencySome addition apparatus missing/Thesis account is poor or unidentifiable4.0 to >0 ptsNon-ProficientThesis missing/Introduction does not acquaint topic20.0 pts This archetype is affiliated to a Learning OutcomeBody organization20.0 to >17.0 ptsHigh proficiencyOrganized and logically explains affair appropriate for paper/Exhibits analytical thinking17.0 to >13.0 ptsModerately aerial proficiencyWell organized and accessible to follow/Explanation of affair requires added explanation13.0 to >9.0 ptsModerate ProficiencySome authoritative problems/Not abundant abutment for topic9.0 to >4.0 ptsLow-level ProficiencyNo sequence/Jumps capacity frequently4.0 to >0 ptsNon-ProficientNo sequence/Jumps capacity frequently20.0 pts This archetype is affiliated to a Learning OutcomeFluency/Mechanics20.0 to >17.0 ptsHigh proficiencyUses accomplished cant well/ Stays on topic/ Actual close and point of view/ Has book variety/ Actual spelling/punctuation17.0 to >13.0 ptsModerately aerial proficiencyAttempts college akin cant with some success/ Stays on topic/ Mostly actual close and point of view/ Sentences actual but defective in variety/ Few spelling errors13.0 to >9.0 ptsModerate ProficiencyBoth college and lower vocabulary/ Some close and point of appearance errors/ Occasionally beasts off topic/ Some book bits or run-ons/ Several preventable spelling errors9.0 to >4.0 ptsLow-level ProficiencyVocabulary is actual basal and incorrect/ Some close and point of appearance errors/Many book fragments/run-ons/ Many spelling errors4.0 to >0 ptsNon-ProficientImproper chat choices/ Many close and point of appearance errors/ Many automated errors of all types20.0 pts This archetype is affiliated to a Learning OutcomeConclusion20.0 to >17.0 ptsHigh proficiencyDeliberate closing strategy/ Does not acquaint new material/ Paraphrases thesis, but does not alone echo introduction17.0 to >13.0 ptsModerately aerial proficiencyAdequate closing/ Does not acquaint new material/ Re-states apriorism in aforementioned words, but does not absolutely echo introduction13.0 to >9.0 ptsModerate ProficiencyWeak closing/ Does not acquaint new material/ Alone repeats introduction9.0 to >4.0 ptsLow-level ProficiencyWeak closing/ Introduces new material/ Dos not accredit to thesis4.0 to >0 ptsNon-ProficientNo academic closing/ New actual introduced/ Does not accredit to introduction20.0 pts This archetype is affiliated to a Learning OutcomeAPA 6th copy formattingPRICE-I20.0 to >17.0 ptsHigh proficiencyThe absolute cardboard is appropriately formatted according to APA 6th edition. This includes appellation page, in argument citations, advertence list, Times New Roman 12 point font, and a complete advertence account that includes all citations acclimated in the anatomy of the paper.17.0 to >13.0 ptsModerately aerial proficiencyPaper has 1-2 abnormal formatting errors or references abridged or afield formatted.13.0 to >9.0 ptsModerate ProficiencyPaper has 3-4 abnormal formatting errors or references abridged or afield formatted.9.0 to >4.0 ptsLow-level ProficiencyImproper architecture in best places/ References abridged and afield formatted.4.0 to >0 ptsNon-ProficientImproper architecture throughout/ No advertence page.20.0 pts Total Points: 100.0PreviousNext

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