Nursing COPD case study

   COPD Case Study Patient and History:   D.Z. a 65 yr old man is accepted to a medical attic for COPD exacerbation. PMH of HTN, controlled able-bodied by enalapril for the accomplished 6 years as able-bodied as a contempo analysis of pneumonia.  He appears cachectic and adventures dyspnea at rest.  He letters a advantageous ahem of blubbery chicken blooming sputum.  D.Z. is experiencing causticity and anxiety.  He letters smoker 2 packs a day for 38 years. He complains of sleeping ailing and activity annoyed best of the time. Vital signs: BP 162/84, P 124, RR 36, T 102.8F SaO2 88% Room air. Admitting diagnosis: Deepening of COPD analysis to be determined. Orders: Diet as tolerated, Up with assistance, O2 to advance sats greater than 90%, IV D5W @ 50 ml/hr, Strict I/O, ABG’s in AM, CBC with diff, BMP, Theophylline akin on admission, CXR every 24 hours. Medications: Prednisone 60mg po daily Doxycycline 100mg po every 12 hours for 10 days Azithromycin 500 mg IVPB every 24 hours for 2 canicule again 500mg po for 7 days Theophylline 300mg po BID Heparin SQ 5000 Units BID Albuterol 2.5mg/3ml NS and Atrovent 500mg by nebs every 4-6 hours Enalapril 10mg po every am Questions: 1. In 200 Words Explain the pathophysiology of COPD accord analytic archetype of affection and pathophysiology associated with COPD. 2. What blazon of COPD do you feel this accommodating is experiencing accommodate account in 200 words minimum?  3. Are DZ’s VS and SO2 appropriate? If not explain why? 4. Identify 3 nursing analysis and interventions that can be implemented to advance oxygenation and explain how to actuate effectiveness. 200 chat minimum.  5. Explain the purpose of the afterward classes of drugs as they chronicle to COPD accommodate account and administration for anniversary use.  Antibiotics Bronchodilators Anticholinergics Corticosteroids

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