Nursing Assessment- 2000 Words


Purpose of the assessment

This accounting appraisal measures appliance of ability apropos to agreeable areas of the assemblage and again activated to the activity of alum applications. The finalised appointment is advised to accommodate of a job appliance portfolio to which acceptance are encouraged to add added questions and answers.

This 2000 chat appointment will action as a adapt of the student’s alertness for job interviews.

Learning outcomes that adjust to this task

4. Added appraise the roles and ambit of convenance of healthcare professionals;
5. Demonstrate ability and abilities in adapted delegation;
7. Discuss battle resolution and achievement administration in the healthcare setting;
8. Apply adapted ability and abilities in able and interprofessional advice and teamwork aural a apish setting.


2000 words


This 2000 chat appointment has four (4) abstracted sections you allegation complete:

  • Self Reflection (300 words - 10%);
  • Clinical scenario: Appraisal and Actions (500 words - 25%);
  • Clinical scenario: Prioritisation (500 words - 25%); and
  • Professional scenario (700 words - 40%).

Section 1: Summary of a GNP of best and Self-Reflection

Find Alum Assistant Programs and analysis their website information. 

Nominate one program and summarise the description of that affairs in your own words. 

Describe yourself and how your attributes enhance your appliance with accurate advertence to the key appearance and ethics of the program.  Use a cogitating framework to complete your review.    
300 words  (10 %)

Section 2: Clinical question

You are caring for a macho accommodating who has been accepted for analysis of seizures. You go into the bath and acquisition him on the floor. What would your actual accomplishments be?

Explain your acknowledgment in detail including your assessment, hypotheses and rationales for actions. 
500 words    (25%)

Section 3: Prioritization

After morning handover of your four (4) patients, you accept advised the archive and accept entered the allowance to accost your patients. It is 0730 and breakfast is usually delivered at 0740. Before you can acquaint yourself, the afterward demands on your time action concurrently:

Patient 1 Mrs Peterson is allurement for advice to the ensuite to use her bowels. You apperceive Mrs Peterson had a achievement 2 weeks ago and has a abstinent larboard hemiplegia and needs abetment to move. She is classified as a aerial avalanche risk.

Patient 2 Mrs Walters is activity to theatre at 0800 and is not yet ready

Patient 3 Mr Young is nil by aperture and has IV analysis active at 167mls per hour. The beverage pump anxiety is aural and the IV alembic appears to be abutting to empty, Mr Young is additionally accusatory of pain.

Patient 4 Mr Stavropoulous has been accepted for astute asthma. He is due for ventolin and prednisolone at 0800. His BGL at 0700 was 4.6 mmol/l.

The ANUM is analytic for Mrs Walters pre-operative account and wants to apperceive if you accept apparent it.

In what adjustment would you abode these requests? Describe your account for anniversary decision. 
500 words   (25%)

Section 4: Professional

Your accommodating Mr Stanley is accepting an ascitic tap on the area today. You accept advised the requirements of the action and accept that you allegation to abetment by caring for the patient, managing analgesia and ecology basic signs during the procedure. It is lunchtime in your active ward. Your colleagues including the ANUM in charge, are off the area accepting lunch. The ANUM handed over to you that Mr Stanley is accepting the ascitic tap afterwards 1.30 back acceptable agents are accessible and that she has adjourned this with the citizen medical administrator (RMO). You are ecology addition accommodating with hypoglycaemia back you see the RMO with the action trolley activity into Mr Stanley’s room. The action requires a assistant be in attendance. You accept no accessible agents and you allegation to adviser your hypoglycaemic patient. How will you administer this RMO?

Describe in detail your acknowledgment to your called book cartoon aloft your ability and analysis of able regulations and requirements, able behaviour, battle resolution techniques, apprenticeship and accouterment of feedback. 

700 words   (30%)

Presentation & Style; Grammar and Spelling (5%)

Correct use of references including in argument citations and advertence account (5%)


Submit all four genitalia of the assignment as one document.

The appointment allegation accept a appellation folio with your name, ID, cardinal of words (including in argument references but excluding the advertence page), appellation of the assessment, and the tutorial facilitator’s name.

Clear headings for anniversary of the four genitalia are required. All references allegation be accumulated into one advertence account created at the end of your assignment.


 Please see the Appraisal 2 Rubric for added capacity about the appraisal belief for this tasks..


This appraisal allegation be submitted into the dropbox Assessment 2: Accounting Examination and will be arrested for Originality by Turnitin.

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