• Select a specific primary bloom affliction (PHC) assistant role of absorption to you (e.g. bastille nurse, home based nursing, academy nurse, women’s bloom nurse, men’s bloom nurse, animal bloom nurse, actuality use nurse, abiding affliction nursing, rural bloom nursing, OH&S nursing, refugee nurse). Please ensure that the role called is altered from that you will acquaintance on analytic placement. Describe the key attributes of this role and explain why it is advised a PHC nursing role.
  • Describe the accepted characteristics and accordant demographic advice of the audience this blazon of assistant is acceptable to accommodate bloom casework for. If the audience is a accepted citizenry group, analyze a bounded breadth such as a bounded government breadth (LGA) and altercate this in agreement of the LGA abstracts available.
  • Consider the characteristics/demographic abstracts of the nurse’s applicant accumulation to identify a accordant bloom affair of concern. Explain how you bent this affair as a affair accordant to the clientele. Accommodate absolution for why the PHC assistant would appoint in action to abode this concern.
  • Identify three resources/initiatives currently accessible or in abode to abutment bloom advance action in affiliation the bloom affair of concern, which do not focus on the development of claimed skills. Explain how these chronicle to the actual advance strategies categorical in the Ottawa Charter.
  • Propose two responses the PHC assistant could admit to abode the articular bloom affair for their applicant group, of which only one may chronicle to the development of claimed skills. Accommodate a rational for anniversary of these interventions. Outline the goal, objectives and strategies that will be acclimated to apparatus anniversary initiative, and absolve these.

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