Module 04 Accounting Appointment Nursing Process - Case Study Please apprehend the afterward case abstraction and complete the questions below. Daniel is a 16 year old boy who is an identical twin. He and his brother Jeff are actual abutting and do best things together. While Daniel excels at sports he accept his brother is abundant bigger at best everything. Daniel, his brother, and their two sisters alive with their parents in the Midwest. Recently Daniel has been activity added annoyed than usual. He anticipation it was because of his agenda and academy work, which he is adequately acceptable at. He gets mostly Bs, but his grades accept been bottomward of late. One day he fainted while accepting accessible for a game. His drillmaster alleged his parents to let them apperceive Daniel was taken to the Emergency Room. While there the doctor absitively to accept Daniel to the hospital for observation. At the time he was active a slight fever, his breath was shallow, and he was sweating. He was additionally actual asleep and his claret burden was high. He did accept some aberrant class work, but his doctor was not too anxious at present. Daniel additionally declared that he acquainted achy. You are assigned to booty affliction of Daniel today and back you airing into his room, his mother and brother Jeff are there. Daniel appears to be sleeping. In your accounting assignment, acknowledge to the afterward questions applying the nursing process: Assessment: What blazon of cold and abstract abstracts can you aggregate with what you know? How will you aggregate these data? What added affirmation do you need? Analysis and Identification of the Problem: What do you accept Daniel's problem(s) are? What ability be the nursing diagnoses? Use the afterward for identification. Planning: Identify two goals and one nursing action for each, based on your nursing diagnoses. While you will not be able to apparatus or evaluate, how able-bodied do you anticipate your nursing interventions ability advice with Daniel's care.

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