Comprehensive Appraisal Guidelines Your bookish cardboard is a absolute appraisal of an aged client. You can baddest a applicant in any setting. This will be your bookish cardboard for this class. It should be submitted in APA format. Your references should not be greater than 5 years old. You charge use bookish references. Throughout your cardboard you should accede age-related changes (physiological). Please do not address this cardboard as a bloom history as in bloom appraisal classes this should be accounting as a anecdotal format. It is account 15% of your grade Information to be included: 1. Give a abrupt history of the client, accommodate the medical history, amusing history 2. Explain the individual's astute or abiding medical issues. If the individual   has an astute medical problem, explain how it is affronted by the aging   process (physiologic age-related changes). If your applicant does not accept any   medical apropos altercate how they are advancement their health. Use rearch   to abutment your findings. 3.  Review the medications that the alone is taking, including any over the    counter drugs. Are any of these drugs a problem? Many medications are   problems in the earlier adult. Explain the issues.   4. Explain the anatomic status? (ADL and IADL) What is their advancement and   ability to accomplish accustomed activity? If there are any issues or concerns,   explain.   5. Look at the brainy bloom and cerebral ability. Is there any impairment? Is   there a affair and if so is it actuality addresses? Also accede their daily    activities including social. 6. Evaluate the active situation. Is it a botheration or abeyant problem? (living   alone, with ancestors or a facility) Is it a botheration or a acceptable fit? Are there safety   issues or concerns? Explain. If you r applicant is from the hospital you should    be because their home situation. How will it be impacted due to the  illness. 7. What  are your recommendations to advance the affection of activity for this   individual.  References  Please use a minimum of 5 assets (textbooks may be acclimated but are not advised as the 5 resources., no added than 5 years old. Make use of journals, that is area your best abreast advice will be. 

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