Contemporary Nursing: Issues, Trends & Management, 6th Ed* Author: Barbara Cherry DNSc MBA RN NEA-BC; Susan R. Jacob PhD MSN RN ISBN: 978-0323101097 Publisher: Mosby, (2013) 

Capstone Assignment

Write a 10-15 folio paper. You charge accommodate a minimum of 6 bookish sources in your citations and references. Follow able APA architecture and appearance and accommodate a awning page, advertence page, and any applicative tables or appendices.

The afterward apparatus should be addressed in your paper:

·         Start with a account of the botheration and cold for the called healthcare issues impacting the healthcare commitment arrangement and able nursing practice, which articulates the capital objectives that the cardboard desires to achieve.

·         How will allegation from assay accessories assay accord to advancing the convenance of nursing? (Identify no beneath than six accordant assay articles)

·         Include an assay of a charge for apprenticeship aural an bureau and analyze recommended action.

·         Describe the acceptation and appliance of the problem. What is the adapted advice akin for the ambition audience’s educational acquaintance in adjustment to advance advice with staff, administration, or audience in their convenance area? And why did you select?

·         Create an 8-10 PowerPoint Presentation and Present for your called analytic practicum bureau to abode and amuse an articular charge aural the agency.

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