Prompt: What is a concept? What is the accord amid theory, research, and practice?We are activity to reflect for one moment-Consider Chapter 3 in your McEwen and Willis (2014) text: Acknowledgment the afterward questions:1) What is a concept? Please accommodate accommodate an overview in your own words. (review the agreeable folio 50-57) (5 sentences)2) Identify a abstraction that you accept needs to be added absolutely authentic for nursing and accord the rational for your thoughts. (5 sentences)3) Which adjustment of abstraction assay appears to be the easiest to use. Accommodate abutment for your answer. (5 sentences)This altercation lath will be presented in the afterward format: 3 paragraphs of 5 sentences each; alpha anniversary branch with a apriorism statement, abutting anniversary branch with a conclusion; accommodate three agreeable sentences in the anatomy of the paragraph.Use proper apa, use citations area appropriate.This column will be submitted to Turnitin prior to grading

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