When you analysis assorted curricular plans, you may see a array of terms. Some programs use the appellation "program outcomes" while others use the appellation "terminal objectives" for those accomplishments that the apprentice is accepted to achieve aloft graduation. The aforementioned is accurate for alone courses. Some programs alarm the ability and abilities that a apprentice should adept by the end of the advance "course outcomes" while others use the appellation "course objectives." All of the agreement accept a defined analogue in abstract and according to accreditation agencies. What are the similarities and differences amid the agreement according to the abstract and to accrediting agencies? Select a affairs or advance (other than GCU) and appraisal their use of these terms. Do they use them in a address constant with the abstract and/or accreditation agencies or do they use them differently? Include your analysis of the affairs in your acknowledgment to this altercation question. Support your acknowledgment with literature. Your appraisal could be at the affairs akin or at the advance level. You do not charge to do both levels. At atomic 400-500 words with at atomic 2-3 references.

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