The RN is caring for a 30-year-old violinist who makes his active as a touring concert artist. While on a European concert tour, he fainted on stage, was taken to a hospital, and after diagnosed with Type I Diabetes Mellitus. The RN is teaching the accommodating about self-monitoring of claret glucose, comestible considerations, and insulin injections. The accommodating tells the RN that he cannot possibly administer this regimen, back he spends a lot of his activity “in airplanes and on stages.”

Initial Discussion Post:

Address the following:

· Discuss an access the RN can booty to abetment this accommodating to accept his ache and accede with treatment.

· What factors would the RN charge to accede with this patient?

· How ability the dieting charge to be adapted, based on this patient’s lifestyle?

APA  format

350 words and in argument citation

references 5 years and less

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