Read the afterward assets afore announcement to the discussion:

· Muller, L., & Fink-Samnick, E. (2015). Mandatory Reporting: Let’s Clear Up the Confusion. Professional Case Management, 20(4), 199-203. DOI: 10.1097/NCM.0000000000000102

· New York Accompaniment Office of Accouchement and Family Services. (2016). Summary adviser for allowable reporters in New York State. Retrieved from

Initial Discussion Post:

Address the following:

· Discuss the accepted ethical and acknowledged implications of binding advertisement for nurses behindhand of the accompaniment in which a Registered Nurse practices.

· Do the binding advertisement laws ensure accouchement will be protected?  Explain your response.

· How would the RN affected the activity of averseness to address doubtable adolescent abuse?

· APA format

· 350 words n argument citation 

· References 5 years or less

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