Instructions       Religion in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century European ArtWhether artists were alive beneath the advocacy of a Catholic Pope, acknowledging a Counter-Reformation agenda, or bearing art afflicted by the Protestant Reformation, adoration had an actual appulse on the conception of art in the High Renaissance and Baroque periods in Europe.Carefully appraise the afterward works, and apprehend about anniversary one in your textbook, advance and video lectures, and through reliable internet resources:Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel Ceiling, 1508-12Grünewald, Isenheim Altarpiece, 1510-15Durer, Four Apostles, 1526Caravaggio, The Calling of St. Matthew, 1599-1600Rubens, The Raising of the Cross, 1610-11In an article of 5-7 well-developed paragraphs, abode anniversary of the afterward questions, authoritative specific references to the bristles paintings listed above:How does anniversary painting reflect the religious ambience in which it was created? What is the religious ambience or access credible in anniversary painting?What added actual contest may accept afflicted the conception of anniversary painting?What, if any, was the access of the angel of anniversary painting?Explain how the appearance and specific beheld characteristics of anniversary painting contributed to or reflected its all-embracing religious ambience or meaning, abnormally for abreast audiences.Include specific capacity about the beheld characteristics and agreeable of anniversary painting in your response.Provide able citations for any advice from alfresco sources included in your essay.Submission Details:Submit your certificate to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.

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