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Standardized Coding Systems

As a aftereffect of the burst attributes of the bloom affliction system, professionals in assorted specialty areas of anesthetic accept developed their own altered sets of analogue to acquaint aural that specialty. In the past, bound absorption has been accustomed to codifying practices in adjustment for them to be accepted and activated beyond disciplines or through altered advice technology systems. The accomplishing of a federally allowable cyberbanking medical annal system, therefore, poses a claiming to nursing professionals and others who charge be able to advance connected codes for the new system. Why are coding standards important for announcement consistent, high-quality care?

According to Rutherford (2008, para. 15), Improved advice with alternative nurses, bloom affliction professionals, and administrators of the academy in which nurses assignment is a key account of application a connected nursing language. In this Discussion you accede the acumen abaft and the amount of connected codification.

To prepare:

· Review the advice in Nursing Informatics: Scope and Standards of Practice. Determine which set of terminologies are adapted for your specialty or breadth of expertise.

· Reflect on the accent of chain in analogue and coding systems.

· In the article, Connected Nursing Language: What Does It Mean for Nursing Practice? the columnist recounts a appointment to a bounded hospital to appearance its accomplishing of a new coding system. One of the nurses commented to her, We certificate our affliction application connected nursing languages but we don't absolutely accept why we do (Rutherford, 2008, para. 1). Accede how you would acquaint this assistant (and others like her) of the accent of connected nursing terminologies.

· Reflect on the amount of application a accepted accent in nursing practice. Accede if acclimation can be bound to a specialty breadth or if one accepted accent is bare beyond all nursing practice. Then, analyze examples of acclimation in your own specialty or breadth of expertise. Conduct  research that supports your thoughts on acclimation of nursing terminology.


Post an account of why nurses charge to certificate affliction application connected nursing languages and whether this acclimation can be bound to specialty areas or if it should be beyond all nursing practice. Support your acknowledgment application specific examples from your own specialty breadth of ability and use at atomic one added resource. 

Due 09/12/2017 at 1400Hrs

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