In 2011 the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) alien the "My Plate" initiative, to advice Americans accomplish advantageous aliment choices and to be alive every day. Recently, new guidelines were released, and the action was adapted to include, "MyPlateMyWins!"

Initial Discussion Post:

Review the afterward resource: United States Department of Agriculture: (2015). Older adults. Retrieved from

Mrs. Jenkins is a 70-year-old accommodating at the primary affliction provider for a accepted visit. As you are acquisition abstracts above-mentioned to assuming her into an assay room, you agenda her acme and weight, of 65 inches and 101 pounds.

  • Calculate Mrs. Jenkins’ BMI and adapt the result.
  • Discuss two added specific assessments you would perform, and why the advice you access in these assessments ability be a affair to the RN.
  • Based on these assessments:
    1. What apprenticeship would you accommodate accompanying to this concern?
    2. Identify a affiliate of the bloom affliction aggregation with whom you would coact about this concern.

Be abiding to use affirmation from the assigned argument or website, or alternative able sources in your answer.

Base your antecedent column on your readings and research

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