1. in commendations to nursing.
  2. regarding groups include: ethnic, religious, racial, affiliated minorities, immigrants, refugees and internally displaced people, prisoners, bodies with brainy illnesses, concrete impairments and earlier persons.
  3. Write a 2-3 folio paper, excluding the abstract
    • Describe a specific situation where you were complex or observed  bloom affliction inequalities for one the accessible populations articular on folio 77 of your textbook
    • Describe the bigotry that was avoidable, arbitrary or unjust. 
  4. Use APA style:  Abstract (blocked comprehensive) active head, appellation page, citations, advertence page).  
  5. Use accepted English grammar and spelling.
  6. Must use 1 or 2 (preferably 2)references from the module:

Browse through the Minority Nurse website and browse through the information.

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