Workflow assay aims to actuate workflow patterns that aerate the able use of assets and abbreviate activities that do not add value. There are a array of accoutrement that can be acclimated to assay the workflow of processes and assay abeyant avenues for eliminating waste. Flowcharts are a basal and frequently acclimated workflow assay adjustment that can advice highlight areas in charge of streamlining.

In this Assignment, you baddest a accepted accident that occurs consistently in your alignment and actualize a flowchart apery the workflow. You assay the action you accept diagrammed and adduce changes for improvement.

To prepare:

  • Identify a common, simple accident that frequently occurs in your alignment that you would like to evaluate.
  • Consider how you would architecture a flowchart to represent the accepted workflow.
  • Consider what metrics you would use to actuate the capability of the accepted workflow and analyze areas of waste.

To complete:

Write a 3- to 5-page cardboard which includes the following:

  • Create a simple flowchart of the action you selected. (Review the Sample Workflow of Answering a Telephone in an Office certificate begin in this week’s Learning Assets for an example.)
  • Next, in your paper:
    • Explain the action you accept diagrammed.
    • For anniversary footfall or accommodation point in the process, analyze the following:
      • Who does this step? (It can be several people.)
      • What technology is used?
      • What behavior and rules are complex in free how, when, why, or area the footfall is executed?
      • What advice is bare for the beheading of this step?
    • Describe the metric that is currently acclimated to admeasurement the acumen of the workflow. Is it effective?
    • Describe any areas area improvements could action and adduce changes that could accompany about these improvements in the workflow.
    • Summarize why it is important to be acquainted of the breeze of an activity.
  • Remember to accommodate a awning page, introduction, and arbitrary for your paper.

Course Readings

McGonigle, D., & Mastrian, K. G. (2015). Nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge (3rd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett Learning.

  • Chapter 14, “Nursing Informatics: Improving Workflow and Meaningful Use”

Huser, V., Rasmussen, L. V., Oberg, R., & Starren, J. B. (2011). Implementation of workflow agent technology to bear basal analytic accommodation abutment functionality. BMC Medical Research Methodology, 11(1), 43–61.

Koppel, R., & Kreda, D. A. (2010). Healthcare IT account and adequacy for analytic needs: Challenges of design, workflow, and acknowledged relations. Studies in Bloom Technology and Informatics, 157, 7–14.

U.S. Department of Bloom & Human Services. (n.d.b). Workflow appraisal for bloom IT toolkit. Retrieved, June 18, 2012, from


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