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Instruction from Professor:


Throughout this course, you were provided case studies that focused on cardiovascular, pulmonary, genitourinary, and musculoskeletal disorders. You will aces one (Emphysema) of these cases to assay and actualize a absolute affliction plan for acute/chronic care, ache prevention, and bloom advance for that accommodating and disorder. Your affliction plan should be based on accepted best practices and accurate with citations from accepted literature, such as analytical reviews, appear convenance guidelines, standards of affliction from specialty organizations, and alternative analysis based resources. In addition, you will accommodate a abundant accurate account that justifies the admittance of this affirmation in your plan. Your cardboard should attach to APA architecture for appellation page, headings, citations, and references. The cardboard should be no added than 10 pages typed excluding appellation folio and references. 


Case Abstraction Evaluation 

Analyze the ataxia acclamation the afterward elements: pathophysiology, signs/symptoms, progression trajectory, analytic testing, and analysis options. 

Differentiate the ataxia from accustomed development. 

Discuss the concrete and cerebral demands the ataxia places on the accommodating and family. 

Explain the key concepts that charge be aggregate with the accommodating and ancestors to accomplish optimal ataxia administration and outcomes. 

Identify key interdisciplinary aggregation cadre bare and how this aggregation will accommodate affliction to accomplish optimal ataxia administration and outcomes. 

Interpret facilitators and barriers to optimal ataxia administration and outcomes. 

Describe strategies to affected the articular barriers. 

Care Plan Synthesis 

Design a absolute and holistic acceptance and planning for the disorder. 

Address how the patient’s socio-cultural accomplishments can potentially appulse optimal administration and outcomes. 

Demonstrate an evidence-based access to abode key issues articular in the case study. 

Formulate a absolute but tailored access to ataxia management. 

Pulmonary Clinical Case: Emphysema

Case Abstraction Evaluation

You charge to advance anniversary affair below:


Signs and Symptoms

Progression Trajectory

Diagnostic Testing 

Treatment Options-Medications-Therapy-Surgical Option

Differentiate the Ataxia from Accustomed Development

Physical and Cerebral Demands the Ataxia Places on the Accommodating and Family

Key Concepts that Charge Be Aggregate with the Accommodating and Ancestors to Accomplish Optimal Ataxia Administration and Outcomes

Key Interdisciplinary Aggregation Cadre Bare and How This Aggregation will Accommodate Affliction to Accomplish Optimal Ataxia Administration and Outcomes

Facilitators and Barriers to Optimal Ataxia Administration and Outcomes

Strategies to Affected the Articular Barriers

Care Plan Synthesis

Comprehensive and Holistic Acceptance and Planning for the Disorder

How the Patient’s Socio-Cultural Accomplishments can Potentially Appulse Optimal Administration and Outcomes

Evidence-Based Access to Abode Key Issues Articular in the Case Study

Comprehensive but Tailored Access to Ataxia Management

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