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Reply 1  Hello Maria,  I enjoyed account  your column and you accomplish some abundant credibility about technology and bloom care. As we all apperceive technology and imaging comedy a basic role in our accustomed  health affliction setting. Now added than anytime we depend on imaging  for instance the COVID-19 has absolutely  made us depend on technology for able diagnosing abnormally radiology and computed tomography that acknowledge the ddisease action in the  pulmonary arrangement .In accession technology  plays an important role to log and accumulate clue of the new cases for the COVID-19 . Nationwide and globally we depend on technology to apprentice how ambience places handle the medical crisis. Lastly the agitation over the account of blight and radiology imaging still exists. In all Radiology settings we charge consistently convenance ALARA which stands for As Low As Reasonably Activable. Thank you for your post. Reply2 Collapse           Each year the Joint Commission, a nationally accustomed accreditation committee, sets out a set of accommodating assurance goals which serve as a adviser for hospitals to focus on.  For the year 2019 one of the goals they categorical was the charge to cautiously analyze patients (National Accommodating Assurance Goals, 2019).  This ambition is absolutely not new as abounding of the capacity covered are alternating from year to year. The affiliation of cyberbanking bloom records, tracking and technology has fabricated this ambition somewhat easier to accomplish as patients accept identification bands that can be acclimated to advice analyze patients.  Using barcode scanners we are able to browse the patients identification bandage and analyze it to the accepted accessible chart, if the name does not match, an absurdity pops-up alerting the assistant to a accessible mismatch.  Additionally, abounding accessories additionally alien name active tags for patients that accept agnate names or spelling as a beheld anticipation too.  

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